CleanChat Reloaded 2.0

CleanChat re-submitted, now updated!

  1. HelloitsRien
    The free chat management solution.

    What happened to CleanChat?!
    The original plugin has been taken down a while ago.
    This was a permission bypass, for someone with my UUID.
    I did not know this was harmfull, and in the source there was an open comment (/**),
    describing how you could turn this feature off.
    This version does NOT have a permission bypass.

    What does it do?
    CleanChat allows you to easily block words, or complete sentences, in your server.
    Also you can mute and clear the chat.

    Complete feature list:
    Block specific words
    - Filter caps lock messages
    - Warning system
    - Kick system
    - Delay chatting

    Features in development:
    Advanced regex system
    You have an idear? Post it in the discussion!

    Code (Text):
    # CleanChat config
    # Bypass permission: cleanchat.bypass
    # Access to /mutechat: cleanchat.mutechat
    # Acess to /clearchat: cleanchat.clearchat
    # Bypass mutechat: cleanchat.bypass
    # chat_delay - the delay between messages in milliseconds 500 = 0.5 seconds
    # lowercase_trigger - if the message is more then 60% uppercase, the whole centense will be lowercase
    # replacement: replace blocked words with this value

    chat_delay: '750'
    lowercase_trigger: '60'
    remove_warning: '20000'
    kickon: '5'
       - 'cancer'
       - 'fuck'
       - 'wtf'
       - 'lag'
    chat_delay > the delay that people can swear
    lowercase_trigger > the percentage of the word in caps, to be lowercased
    remove_warning > time till a warning expires (in milliseconds)
    kickon > the amount of warnings a user has before being kicked
    blocked (list) > blocked words
    All these features can be bypassed with the permission: cleanchat.bypass.

    - cleanchat.bypass > bypass restrictions
    - cleanchat.mutechat > mute the chat
    - cleanchat.clearchat > clear the chat

    Bugs, feature suggestions:
    Found a bug? Have a suggestion?
    Post them in the discussion!

Recent Reviews

  1. Airee
    Version: 2.0
    Really good plugin. The regex feature really is the ice cream on the cake for this plugin. Pretty much CPP but better.