ClearChat 1.1

A very basic ClearChat plugin.

  1. xSTaTiCxPwnNx
    A very basic ClearChat plugin! Simply drag into your plugins folder and reload the server.

    /clocal - Clears local chat (allowed for everyone) [clearchat.local]
    /cglobal - Clears global chat (OP) []
    /cother <playername> - Clears another player's chat (OP) [clearchat.other]
    /cmute - Mutes chat (Type again to disable) (OP) [clearchat.mute]
    Permission to exempt /cother: [clearchat.other.exempt]
    Permission to exempt chat mute: [clearchat.mute.exempt]

    If a player is OP, they are allowed to be exempt to any mute in progress on the server and able to exempt the /cother command.