ClearChat 1.0

[1.7.10] Clears player and server chat!

  1. Xavlios
    With this plugin players can clear their own chat frame and not have it affect others. You (if have permission) can also clear the servers chat which clears the chat history for everyone!

    - clrchat.reload == For reloading the plugin
    - clrchat.server == For Clearing server chat

    /ClearChat ======= Shows ClearChat version.
    /ClearChat reload == Reloads the plugin.
    /ClearChat server == Clears the server chat.
    /ClearChat me ==== Clears only your chat.

Recent Reviews

  1. CustomEnchants
    Version: 1.0
    Well to start of this plugin is over done by a lot of people
    Secondly your code smells a little bit including the way you create your configuration is just so wrong can be simplified by a lot
    I dont see any option to change certain messages which seems odd