ClearChat 2016-01-02

Clear global chat and private chat c:

  1. xRarePvP
    WARNING: I know that this plugin isnt the best, I am trying to learn how to code in JAVA. I am still pretty new to this and I am only doing this for fun. The plugin works just fine tho!

    /cc - Clear global chat.
    /clearchat - Clear global chat.
    /cp - Clear private chat. (Your own chat)
    /clearchatp - Clear private chat. (Your own chat)
    If/When you download the plugin make sure to read the README.TXT file to see the permissions (witch will be listed below too)
    Permissions: (/cc and /clearchat)
    clearchat.private (/cp and /clearchatp)

    You can PM me if you have any questions and I will try to add more stuff to this plugin in the future! Make sure to leave feedback and I will do my best to answer or do what you ask for :D!​