ClearChat 1.0.0

Clear everyone's chat with just one command!

  1. Derms
    Native Minecraft Version:
    This is a very simple, lightweight plugin that will clear your chat with just one command. This is great for when players are advertising, swearing, or breaking any other chat rules.

    /clearchat /chatclear /cc


    The default permission is clearchat.clearchat but you can edit it in the config.

    You can also edit the message that appears after you Clear the chat, the placeholder is %chat_clearer%. If you do not want a message to appear after you clear the chat just set it to: ' '

    Thanks <3

Recent Reviews

  1. ManuGamesX
    Version: 1.0.0
    It's good, very short code and simple, but I will try to make a reload command because restarting the server everytime to change the config is annoying.