ClearFog 1.4.2

Unnerved by 1.18 fog? This plugin will remove it!

  1. PloudOS
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    • 1.18
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    Custom (Lang file)
    Are you also unnerved by the new 1.18 fog system? And you tried to increase the server view distance?
    You don't have to! This plugin "tells" the player that the view distance is higher than it actually is. The server view distance won't change.
    You can even change the default view distance or set individual view distances for different players!

    As of 1.18 the fog in Minecraft is not done by the client anymore but by the server. This raises the problem that the server view distance may not be that high and the player will have very unnerving fog.
    If you can't increase it for some reason or you don't want to in order to save performance this was getting even more annoying.

    How it works
    The plugin modifies the login packet that is sent to the client when the client joins and changes the view distance.
    How that looks:

    The default config.yml looks like this:
    Code (YAML):
    check-for-updates: true
    : false
    : true
    : 32
    : false
    : {}
    You can change all values using commands, but you can edit the config, too.
    Here's what the values do:
    • check-for-updates - Whether to check for plugin updates on startup.
    • direct-view-distance-updates - Whether view distances should be updated directly when they are being changed by commands or by reloading the config. Please note that this is not recommended because it does not look good and the method for doing so is messy.
    • default
      • enabled - Changes whether the default view distance is applied.
      • view-distance - The default view distance.
    • individual
      • enabled - Changes whether player specific view distances are applied.
      • players - Here are player specific view distances saved.
    You can also change all messages in the messages.yml file!

    The plugin contains one basic command: /fog
    The Sub commands are:

    • /fog reload - Reloads the config
    • /fog directupdates status - Checks whether direct updates are enabled.
    • /fog directupdates <enable|disable> - Enables or disables direct updates.
    • /fog default status - Checks whether the default view distance is enabled.
    • /fog default <enable|disable> - Enables or disables the default view distance.
    • /fog default get - Returns the default view distance.
    • /fog default set <View Distance> - Sets the default view distance.
    • /fog individual status - Checks whether individual view distances are enabled.
    • /fog individual <enable|disable> - Enables or disables player specific view distances.
    • /fog individual list - Lists player specific view distances.
    • /fog individual get [Player] - Returns the player specific view distance for yourself or another player.
    • /fog individual set <View Distance> [Player] - Sets the player specific view distance for yourself or another player.
    • /fog individual unset [Player] - Removes the player specific view distance for yourself or another player.
    You can also use the alias /myfog for all /fog individual commmands.
    For example: You can use /myfog set 16 instead of /fog individual set 16.

    Please also note that fog is only applied on join, so you have to rejoin for the changes to take effect.

    • clearfog.reload - Permission for /fog reload
    • clearfog.directupdates - Permission for /fog directupdates
    • clearfog.default.status - Permission for /fog default status and /fog default <enable|disable>
    • clearfog.default.values - Permission for /fog default get and /fog default set
    • clearfog.individual.status - Permission for /fog individual status and /fog individual <enable|disable>
    • clearfog.individual.list - Permission for /fog individual list
    • clearfog.individual.values - Permission for /fog individual get, /fog individual set and /fog individual unset
    • clearfog.individual.values.others - Allows players to change the player specific view distances for other players.
    Additional information
    This plugin collects anonymous server stats with bStats, an open-source statistics service for Minecraft software. If you don't want this, you can deactivate it in plugins/bStats/config.yml.


    Credits go to dmulloy2 and aadnk for TinyProtocol (a part of ProtocolLib) from which I used some code.
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    Works! Why did Mojang the fog? Well just install this and you're fog free! great job!
    1. PloudOS
      Author's Response
      And I think nobody knows why Mojang had to change that -.-
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    Good plugin! :3
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      Thanks! :)