ClearLagg v3.2.2

Diagnose, or use one of clearlag's many utilities to reduce lag

  1. ClearLag v3.1.6

    +Added: Custom trigger/removal section to config (Was added last update, just forgot to append to changelog..)
    +Added: Language support finally! (Located inside the jar, under /languages/)
    +Added: /lagg checkchunk to list entities/tile-entities inside of the chunk you're in
    +Added: !tamed and tamed entity tags (For configuration)
    +Added: 'lag-spike-helper' - used to diagnose lag spikes on the server (Assuming they aren't network related)
    /Fixed: Merger unexpected variable from YAML resulting in an exception
    /Fixed: TickSampler will now detect when a tick jumps directly into the next tick without having to sleep for accuracy
    /Changed: Command '/lagg tpChunk' will now print the chunk coordinates rather then block to prevent confusion
    /Changed: Optimized 'player-speed-limiter' to only check distance per-block vs per-every-movement
    /Changed: Multiple minor changes regarding text, ect
    /Changed: Added on/off arguments to halt command. No arguments = toggle

    This update effects a large portion of Clearlag due to the new multi-language support. Please report any and all bugs!

    - More language options (Contributions very welcome
    - Mob stacking seems to be getting popular. May add it to Clearlag
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