ClearLagg v3.2.2

Diagnose, or use one of clearlag's many utilities to reduce lag

  1. ClearLag v3.1.0

    /Changed TPS estimation code
    +Added: "use-internal-tps" option (true by default) to use Spigot's accurate internal TPS instead of estimating
    +Added: "Free Memory:" display to /lagg check. It'll show the current free memory in the heap
    +Added: "Uptime" display to /lagg check.
    +Added: "onGround" flag for entities listed inside the config
    +Added: 'hasMeta="myMeta"' flag for entities listed inside the config
    /Recoded config updater, fixed all the issues it had
    +Added: Config will now be automatically REPAIRED if it fails to load due to syntax errors (Can't repair all error types)
    +Added: Configurable Broadcast handling. Disable, or set a permission for broadcasting (In config)

    Dropped Java 7 support in favor of Java 8

    SaveDeathDrops has been updated
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