ClearLagg v3.2.2

Diagnose, or use one of clearlag's many utilities to reduce lag

  1. New language support, 1.16.4 update, and multiple new options

    +Added: /lagg memory [tickrate] for watching the heap pool in realtime
    - Useful for seeing whether your server is suffering from memory related issues

    +Added: /lagg performance for viewing thread usage
    - Shows how long the server's thread is being used. In 1.15+, the thread is used even AFTER the tick so this might be less useful then just TPS

    +Added: Added "per-entity-chunk-entity-limiter" for per-entity chunk limiting
    +Added: "async" option to broadcaster config section
    +Added: '/n' for creating multi-line warnings

    /Changed: Auto-clear's 'remove-entities' list now allows ALL entity types instead of just Living
    /Changed: Better default config for 1.15+
    /Changed: Made estimated TPS (use-internal-tps: false) more accurate

    Updated for 1.16.4

    'per-entity-chunk-entity-limiter' is very recommended for 1.16 servers
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