ClearLagTimer » Use a command to check when the next ClearLag happens! Build 23

Sounds, PlaceholderAPI, Formats & more!

  1. Update checker improvement

    Build 23 Changelog:
    • Further improved the update checker.
  2. Update checker fix

    Build 22 Changelog:
    • Fixed an issue with Spigot's old update check API. You will no longer receive false update messages.
  3. Version command, Update checker

    Build 21 Changelog:
    • You can now use /clearlag version to check which version you're running on.
      • A new permission has been added (clt.version)
      • Add the following code to your configuration.
      • Code (Text):

           - ''
           - '&eClearLagTimer is running on &a&n%version%&r&e!'
           - ''
    • If there is an update available it'll send a message to the console as well as a message to opped players when they join the server.
  4. Update: Forced Space Fix

    - Fixes an issue that would force a space between hours/minutes/seconds in the interval format.
  5. UPDATE: Customization

    - You can now edit the hour, minute and seconds placeholders.
  6. UPDATE: Counter Fix, Other

    - Fixes an issue that would break the counter if sound names were outdated.
    - You will no longer get big error stack traces but instead a small red message in the console if you are using outdated sound names.
  7. UPDATE: PlaceholderAPI Update

    - Updated to PlaceholderAPI's new placeholder system
    - Confirmed by other users to work on 1.14.x

    NEW: A new support discord has been created,
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  8. UPDATE: Changes & Additions

    CHANGE: Changed the permissions (clt.countdown , clt.reload)
    CHANGE: Removed the clearlagtimer command (previously reload command), to /clearlag reload
    CHANGE: The config.yml has been updated/changed
    ADDITION: You can now customize the reload message
    ADDITION: A "No Permission" and "Wrong Command" message (both configurable) have been added

    Reset your config.yml for this update to properly...
  9. UPDATE: Sounds at Intervals

    Code (Text):
    - ADDITION: You can now set sounds to be played @ each interval and @ completion.
    NOTE: Sounds may differ depending on your server version!
    Note: Reset your config.yml for this update to work properly!
  10. UPDATE: Code Quality

    Code (Text):
    CHANGE: Re-structured the code.