Click Test 1.8.2

A test to measure your click speed, and compare it among others.

  1. wilk3z
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Note for plugin versions:

    1.7.X - For server version 1.7.X
    1.8.X - For server version 1.8.X
    1.9.X - For server version 1.9.X
    1.10.X - For server version 1.10.X


    - Prefix can be edited in game via commands, or the config itself.
    - Name can be edited in game via commands, or in the config itself.
    - Contains stats, start click test option, and reset stats option.
    - Stats of a player are kept under their UUID.
    - Stats can be reset for a player.
    - Players can check an offline player's stats.
    - Can check if a player is banned by looking for the (Banned) tag beside their name.

    - Autoclicker checker within plugin to prevent any kind of click manipulation.
    - Adds check to player's stats if they've hit over 15 CPS.
    - Auto bans player after 5 checks.
    - Alerts online staff of a possible autoclicker.
    Core Command:
    - /ct
    - /clicktest

    Player Sub Commands:
    - start: Starts click test.
    - cancel: Cancels current click test.
    - stats | stats <player>: Shows your current stats.
    - reset: Resets your stats.
    - gui: Opens click test gui.

    Staff Sub Commands:
    - prefix <args>: Renames click test prefix.
    - guiname <args>: Renames click test gui.
    - unban <player>: Unbans player who used an autoclicker.
    - reload: Reloads plugin configuration.
    Player Permissions:
    - None
    Staff Permissions:
    - "ct.admin"
    GUI - GUI

    Stats - Stats
    Commands - Commands
    Checker Alerts - Checker Alerts
    Checker Ban - Checker Ban
    Ban Screen - Ban Screen ( server name can be edited in config )
    Unban - Unban

    1.7 []
    1.8 [X]
    1.9 [X]
    1.10 [X]
    Join Item []
    CPS Leaderboard []

    (any problem with the plugin can be resolved via private conversation here on the website, thank you)
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  1. Revivalo
    Version: 1.8.2
    Good idea! But i miss the Messages.yml file. But great work, i recommended it! You can also do GUI menu with the leaderboard.