Click2Enchant Click2Enchant 1.6

Allow Instant enchantments! Just right-click an enchanted book onto an item to enchant it!

  1. BladeFireTurtle
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    Tired of having to use up your precious levels at an anvil, just to use your enchantment books? Or simply just want instant enchantments? Well then this is the plugin for you!

    This plugin enables players to click and drag an enchantment book onto an item, and if the enchantment is the right kind (you don't want lure 3 on a sword ;)) then it will instantly enchant it! As well as being a nice little feature for donors, this is also really great for PVP as players can now easily use books that they receive during a fight.

    To set up this plugin, simply drop the Click2Enchant.jar file into your servers plugins folder then restart your server and away you go!

    • Instant enchantments
    • Unsafe enchantment support
    • Super Lightweight
    • Enchanted book give command
    • Reeeeally easy setup
    • Optional failure chances
    • Support for some popular custom enchantment plugins!
    • Ability to run commands when an enchantment is a success/failure - New!
    • Optional permissions (Good for donor ranks)
    Supports the EnchantmentAPI custom enchantment plugin by Eniripsa96
    Now supports the
    EnchantPlus custom enchantment plugin by @NeuroZap
    Now supports the zEnchantments custom enchantment plugin by @ZedlyDev - Check it out! :)


    • click2enchant.enchant - Gives the player the ability to instantly enchant (default)
    • click2enchant.unsafe - Allows players to enchant items to levels beyond that which is possible in vanilla minecraft. (Not default)
    • click2enchant.costs - Requires players to pay the same levels (exp) when instantly enchanting items as they would in vanilla minecraft at an anvil. (Not default)
    • click2enchant.reload - Allows players to reload the config file (default op only)
    • click2enchant.give- Allows players to use the /click2enchant give command (default op only)


    • /click2enchant give - Gives the player an enchanted book (custom enchantments supported)
    • /click2enchant reload - Reloads the config file.

    Plugin in action:
    *NOTE: You pick the book up and rightclick it onto the item to make it enchant.

    Todo list:

    • Add optional, configurable level costs - Done!
    • Add optional success and destroy rates - Done!
    • Add support for custom enchantment plugins eg.EnchantPlus -Done!
    • Add support for the new enchantments - Done!
    • Ability to add books together
    I need more ideas for this plugin so let me know if you can think of something! :)

    Spanish Video Review:

    Default Configuration File:
    Code (Text):

    #Should enchantments add up to levels above that possible in vanilla?
    #An example of this is adding a power V book and a power III book to a bow to get a power VIII bow
    Add_Unsafe_Enchantments: true

    #Should the plugin alert a player when they don't have enough levels to enchant an item?
    Send_Level_Messages: true

    #Should failure chances be added to the books lore? (chances will be added upon enchanting)
    Add_Chance_To_Lore: false

    #What colors should the lore messages be? (This is only used if the Add_Chance_To_Lore setting is true)
    Lore_Failure_Color: "DARK_PURPLE"
    Lore_Success_Color: "DARK_PURPLE"

    #What percentage out of 100 should the maximum failure chance be? (This is only used if the Add_Chance_To_Lore setting is true)
    #The chance added to the books lore will be a random value between the maximum and minimum failure chance values.
    Maximum_Failure_Chance: 20

    #What percentage out of 100 should the minimum failure chance be? (This is only used if the Add_Chance_To_Lore setting is true)
    Minimum_Failure_Chance: 20

    #What percentage out of 100 should the chance be that an instant enchantment fails?
    #NOTE: This is only used if the Add_Chance_To_Lore setting is false, otherwise the chance is calculated using the maximum and minimum and added to the lore.
    Failure_Chance: 10

    #What message should be sent when the book fails to enchant? (Set to: "none" to disable the message)
    Failure_Message: "&4Oh no! Your enchantment book has vanished!"

    #Delete Item upon faliure? (eg. if enchanting a sword fails, the sword would also get deleted not just the book)
    Delete_Item_On_Fail: false

    #Should the players inventory close upon enchant failure (can be used to make sure player sees failure message)
    Close_Invent_On_Fail: false

    #List of commands to execute upon enchantment failure - Insert %p for the players name
    - ""

    #List of commands to execute upon enchantment success - Insert %p for the players name
    - ""

    You are not allowed to decompile this plugin unless you really, really want to.
    You are
    not allowed to change the Source-Code unless you have a good idea.
    You are not authorized sell or distribute this plugin because I'm already doing that.
    You are only allowed to use this plugin for your server or anyone else's.

    If you run into any issues at all don't hesitate to contact me and I'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

    Source Code:

    Please don't leave a negative review on my plugin based on any issues/bugs you've had, its hard to test for everything and it would be more helpful to everyone if you contact me and let me fix it! :)

    If I've helped you and you would like to show your appreciation, you may buy me a coffee because that's what I love.


    A big thanks to the following user(s) for the coffee's:

    • ($1.5 donation)
    • NyxPVP ($1.5 donation)
    *PM me if you want your name put up :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. johnsoncui02
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.6
    Can someone please update this to 1.16.1 or 1.15.2. Some of the crossbow enchantments doesn't work.
  2. MisterC
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.6
    This version works fine for me in 1.15.2 Although the plugin seems outdated it does exactly what I need.
  3. neversayangel11
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.6
    Can you please make it able to use 1.14 enchantments. like mending for example doesnt work
  4. TheCreeperCow
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.6
    Good plugin but inactive i would hate to see it die so im asking the author to opensource it for others to upgrade
  5. ReallyCryptic
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.6
    Its a good plugin.. But it doesnt work all of the time, My players have been complaining about their named items being denamed when they enchant or repair them, I thought this would help, But it doesnt seem to work. Please, Any help is appreciated!
  6. MattAKAFred
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.6
    Seems to still be doing its job on 1.11.2. Good plugin, simplifies part of the whole enchantment ordeal!
  7. PrinceOfIonia
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.6
    Great plugin! Very well made, i just have 1 problem. Enchanting works, but only once, if i have a sharpness 3 sword and right click it with a sharpness 2 book, nothing happens, Ive got permissions to enchant, and unsafe, any help? Thanks!
  8. ClashGames
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.6
    The Plugin sayed: "Unknown Enchantment" but sharpness, power or so is a Enchantment....

    The Command: /click2enchant give NAME sharpness 2 19
  9. leduyphuongcm
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.6
    1.6 not working enchantplus please fix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ESSHD
    Version: Click2Enchant 1.5
    Excellent work! I left you a $1.50 donation for your excellent work ;)
    My server is NyxPVP and we'll be releasing soon so it's really time saving to be able to use this instead of building a custom version!
    1. BladeFireTurtle
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your kind review and donation! It's really much appreciated :)