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The unique plugin that show player country and city + hover and click able

  1. DenOwq
    DenOwq, Hanakocz

    This plugin is aimed to modify join messages. It provides custom variables derived from player info such as IP, so the message can contain information about country of joining player.
    It can also provide information about time of last join of a player.
    All the information is hidden by default, but can be seen by hovering the mouse over message in chat. This infobox can be setupped for additional actions to execute when clicked.
    Those actions are for now :
    1. - Suggesting the command, which will be filled into chat
    2. - Executing the command
    3. - opening the predefined URL

    Plugin has standart configuration file in YML and supports reloading, enabling/disabling by command.

    Code (Text):
      permission: 'cjm.admin' #what permission is need to use cmd /cjm
      no-permissions: '&cYou dont have permissions to do this.' #message what says if player dont have permission
      restart: '&aPlugin restarted.' #message what says if player restart the plugin /cjm reload
      enable: '&aPlugin will be enabled.' #message what says if player enable the plugin /cjm enable
      disable: '&cPlugin will be disabled.' #message what says if player disable the plugin /cjm disable

    #Here you can use tags %country%, %city%, %player_ip%, %player_name%, %player_lastjoin%, %newline%
      message: '&ePlayer %player_name% join to the server from %country%.' #message if player join the server
      error-message: '&ePlayer %player_name% join to the server.' #message if player join the server but the api not call the information from IP addres
      eventype: 'hover;click' #time of event be used |     use ; between the types
        hover: '&aThis player lives in %country%, city %city% %newline%&aTime of last join: %player_lastjoin%' #the message on hover event
          type: 'url' # the types of click on message URL, SUGGEST_CMD or CMD
          url: '' # url what be opened on click
          suggest_cmd: '/mail %player_name% ' # suggested cmd on click
          cmd: '/mail %player_name% I love you' # cmd what be run on click

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  1. Wexik93
    Version: 1
    Great plugin! I love this plugin, because it is very elaborate plugin! My players, they are popular. I love this developer!