ClicksPerSecond (CPS) [1.7 - 1.16] - How fast can you click? 2.5

The perfect solution for CPS measurements without any mods.

  1. ClicksPerSecond 2.3 - MySQL changes, config changes, command /cps copy, placeholder upgrades.

    - MySQL changes: After few hours of testing many problems have been found. Special thanks to the member of SpigotMC who reported many of these. Sometimes some operation has gone before another, which created errors. Main change is automatic reconnecting when plugin finds out that connection has unexpectedly failed.

    - Config changes: I made many language changes in comments, but also added new configuration. Please delete your config.yml, restart the server and let the plugin create new one for you.

    - Command /cps copy: This command created many problems and didn't even copy the data, if you were copying from file to the database.

    - Placeholder upgrades: Placeholders have been completely optimized to the maximum, mainly if talking about MySQL storage. From this update, in config you have option how often do you want to refresh cached scoreboards, which are used for placeholders. Before, every time you requested the placeholder, plugin was obtaining the scoreboard data from the database and then used it, which caused big delays, if not even server freezes. This "obtaining" is now running in background and does not cause any issues.
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