ClicksPerSecond (CPS) [1.7 - 1.16] - How fast can you click? 2.5

The perfect solution for CPS measurements without any mods.

  1. ClicksPerSecond 2.4 - Added * permissions, new way for registering clicks...

    - Added * permissions: In this update, * permissions have been added. For example, for CPS test you can also use cps.* instead of original cps.test permission. This also applies for all permissions in the plugin.

    - New way for registering clicks: From this update, you are able to configure how plugin will register player's clicks. First option is as registering clicks was till now, the second one is to register clicks using packets. With the second option, you can register more than 20 clicks per second, unlike the first one, but you must install ProtocolLib on your server. Please see your config for more.

    - Performance upgrades: These are really small, also MySQL.

    - Config changes: New configuration added (only "registerClicks" option), copy this from the main plugin page, or delete the config.yml and let the plugin create new one for you.
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