ClicksPerSecond (CPS) [1.7 - 1.16] - How fast can you click? 2.5

The perfect solution for CPS measurements without any mods.

  1. ClicksPerSecond 2.5 - Full recode, new commands, config changes, CPS precalculation, test cancel...

    This is massive update. Please go through all the setup steps again and visit the wiki.

    - Full recode: The plugin was completely recoded from scratch. This includes massive optimizations and structure changes, please read the setup page.

    - New commands: New commands and custom commands for CPS-test administration added.

    - Config changes: Configuration file has been massively changed, please reset it. Do not reset the data.yml file!

    - CPS precalculation: CPS can be now precalculated during the CPS-test.

    - Test cancel: There's now an option to cancel the CPS-test at any time.

    - Action system: The plugin configuration moved to innovative action system. Please see the wiki.

    - New placeholders: Placeholder structure has been re-engineered.

    - CPS rounding: CPS can be now rounded to as many decimal digits as you want. That means you are not limited to only decimal / integer CPS saving options.

    - Permissions: Permissions changed.
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