ClicksPerSecond (CPS) [1.7 - 1.16] - How fast can you click? 2.5

The perfect solution for CPS measurements without any mods.

  1. ClicksPerSecond 2.5 - Full recode, new commands, config changes, CPS precalculation, test cancel...

    This is massive update. Please go through all the setup steps again and visit the wiki.

    - Full recode: The plugin was completely recoded from scratch. This includes massive optimizations and structure changes, please read the setup page.

    - New commands: New...
  2. ClicksPerSecond 2.4 - Added * permissions, new way for registering clicks...

    - Added * permissions: In this update, * permissions have been added. For example, for CPS test you can also use cps.* instead of original cps.test permission. This also applies for all permissions in the plugin.

    - New way for registering clicks: From this update, you are able to configure how plugin will register player's clicks. First option is as registering clicks was till now, the second one is to register clicks using packets. With the second option, you can register...
  3. ClicksPerSecond 2.3 - MySQL changes, config changes, command /cps copy, placeholder upgrades.

    - MySQL changes: After few hours of testing many problems have been found. Special thanks to the member of SpigotMC who reported many of these. Sometimes some operation has gone before another, which created errors. Main change is automatic reconnecting when plugin finds out that connection has unexpectedly failed.

    - Config changes: I made many language changes in comments, but also added new configuration. Please delete your config.yml, restart the server and let the plugin create new...
  4. ClicksPerSecond 2.2 - MySQL bug fix.

    - MySQL bug fix: When was plugin connecting to MySQL database (on startup), it thrown an error. It is now fixed, I am sorry.
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  5. ClicksPerSecond 2.1 - Plugin recode, 1.14 support, config change, new command, commands...

    - Plugin recode: I have completely recoded this plugin. I have changed almost everything.

    - 1.14 support: This plugin now supports Minecraft version 1.14.

    - Config change: During recode I changed half of the configuration file to be more understandable for everyone, also, some lines have been removed.

    - New command: From this version, you can use new command /cps help, to display help page for commands of this plugin. Please delete your config and let the plugin create new...
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  6. ClicksPerSecond 2.0 - Update checker, config changes, support for 1.7.

    - Update checker: Added new update checker! Now you will not miss any new update!

    - Config changes: With update checker, there comes new configuration.

    - Support for 1.7: Please note, that titles are not supported in this version.
  7. ClicksPerSecond 1.8 - Config update, reload command, API changes.

    *ClicksPerSecond 1.9 :)

    - Config update: Since new command has been added, there is coming new configuration. Also, some cosmetic changes have been made and the base color theme of the plugin has been changed.

    - Reload command: New command for reloading config.yml.

    - API changes: Classes in plugin has changed the names, also, plugin's API has new name from this update. Please read full documentation on main plugin page.
  8. ClicksPerSecond 1.8 - Config update, teleporting, sounds.

    - Config update: Config has been updated. Few options moved from ADMIN section to MESSAGES section. With this new update - teleporting and sounds comes new configuration.

    - Teleporting: Option for teleporting player on /cps command, and back or to other location when test ends.

    - Sounds: Option for playing sounds to player when test starts (/cps command), player clicks or test ends.
  9. ClicksPerSecond 1.7 - MySQL support, placeholders formatting, new API functions, config, new command

    - MySQL support: Added MySQL support for this plugin for saving statistics like in scoreboard.yml file.

    - Placeholders formatting: Changed placeholders formatting, for more information, please visit main plugin page.

    - New API functions: With MySQL support comes new API functions and also all other functions that API had have been changed.

    - Config changes: With MySQL support comes new configuration, but also, in config have been made few cosmetic changes.

    - New command: Added new...
  10. ClicksPerSecond 1.6 - Leaderboard.

    - Leaderboard: There was a problem with leaderboard sorting, caused by < instead of >. I am very sorry.

    Since I don't have a lot of people around me playing minecraft and I don't have public server, I can't test this features and see problems. But, I am planning to create public test server in the future :D