ClientStats [Bukkit/Spigot] 2.8.5

Track how many players joined and their versions

  1. Add 1.12.2

    - Add 1.12.2 and latest pre-releases
    - Update dependencies, be sure to use latest ViaVersion/ProtocolSupport

    HEY! Please give a ★★★★★ review for the fast update!
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  2. Add 1.12.1 & bug fix

    - Add 1.12.1 and latest snapshots
    - Fix a bug where messages could be empty

    HEY! Please give a ★★★★★ review for the fast update!
  3. Add 1.12 and latest snapshots

    - Added Minecraft 1.12
    - Added latest snapshots & pre-releases

    HEY! Please give a ★★★★★ review for the fast update!
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  4. Add version 1.11.1

    - Add Minecraft 1.11.1
    - Now use Spigot 1.11
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  5. Fix ViaVersion+ProtocolSupport

    Now works correctly when using both ViaVersion and ProtocolSupport
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  6. MC 1.11 & ViaVersion 1.0.0

    - Added Minecraft 1.11
    - Now compatible with new ViaVersion 1.0.0
    - Improved some code
  7. Slights improvements

    - Display since when statistics are recorded
    - Ignore case for tab completion
    - Add snapshot 16w35a
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  8. Tab complete, better config and more

    - Add tab completion for every sub command
    - Help section only shows commands that you have the permission
    - [Bungeecord] Configuration has now header comment
  9. Bungee version

  10. More stats and new features

    - /cstats joined is now /cstats stats with maximum online players and average playtime
    - Permission to be excluded from stats: clientstats.exempt
    - Add snapshots 16w32a/16w32b
    - Config changes and new messages
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