Climb 2016-01-04

Let your users climb walls

  1. facemywrath
    Hello! This is my second uploaded plugin! I added a separate one also. I made two plugins that work the same way with two different results.

    This one is called climb! Obviously...

    The permission nodes are climb.use and climb.give
    The commands are /climb and /climb item

    The first node lets you use /climb the second node lets you use /climb item

    Here's what it does.

    When you activate climb you can climb walls! When you jump at a block it launches you up while climb is enabled. In turn you can also drink a potion to gain climb. The potion is gotten through /climb item. When you die you lose your climb ability as well as on reload/restart.

    Enjoy the plugin!

Recent Reviews

  1. ladicius
    Version: 2016-01-04
    Works perfectly so far. Will see if it continues to work as intended. Good job my excellent friend..
  2. Callofjosh
    Version: 2016-01-04
    Great app works perfectly, Love the potion idea, Helps a lot with parkour maps. Keep up the good effort :D