CloseCombat 3.1.2

Close your inventory, chat etc. upon taking damage. Permissions!

  1. Update to MC 1.11

    Included in this update:
    • Support for Minecraft 1.11.X
  2. Compiled against hotfix

    • Compiled against latest Spigot build (the one implementing the hotfix)
    • Fixed the import for color
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  3. Toggeable Message

    You can now turn choose to turn off notification messages!
    • Simply set 'message' to false in the new config.yml file
    • This disabled the message sent to players if their inventory is closed
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the notification message was always sent even if no inventory was open
    @Dacon as requested ;)
  4. Source Code Cleanup

    Fixed some errors in the source code.
  5. Major update

    Finally updated this plugin almost two years later! Here's what's new:
    • Updated to Minecraft 1.10
    • Permission node changed to closecombat.enable
    • Courtesy message now sent to players if their inventory is closed
    • Now ignores damage from: burns when not in fire, starvation, potion effects and the wither effect (as in these scenarios you may not be in combat)
  6. Permission Update

    Added a permission node: