CloudNet | The Cloud Network Environment Technology 3.0.1 Tsunami BETA

The alternative Minecraft server management and wrapper application

  1. 3.0.1 Tsunami BETA | Bug fixes

    + bug fixes
    + updated default configurations
    + fixed memory leaks
    + set bind address von service from to the configured "hostAddress" property value
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  2. 3.0.0 Tsunami BETA | Bug fixes + Added code examples

    + updated default configurations
    + small bug fixes
    + changed task property string from "temporary" to "autoDeleteOnStop"

    + updated maven repository
    + added code examples
    + updated documentation
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  3. 3.0.0 Tsunami BETA | Added now full Velocity support

    + General bug fixes
    + Added full server join and maintenance join permission and block
    + Updated syncproxy console and ingame command


    + In addition to Sponge, Vanilla, Nukkit, CloudNet is now also the first "Minecraft Cloud System" which support the Velocity proxy server as high performance alternative to BungeeCord.


    1. img.PNG
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  4. 3.0.0 Tsunami BETA | Could not find or load main class fix for Linux users

    + Finally fixed the following bug for Linux users

    Code (Text):
    Error: Could not find or load main class de.dytanic.cloudnet.wrapper.Main
  5. 3.0.0 Tsunami BETA

    + bug fixes
    + internal extensions like WebSocket server support, command parameters
    + added module dependency caching
    + updated console colors
    + added color for error logs
    + performance improvements
  6. 3.0.0 Tsunami BETA | Bug fixes + added a new internal thread scheduler

    + fixed some bugs
    + updated REST API
    + updated internal scheduler
    + Added CloudNet System Env Values
    + Added "--init" flag for initial adding groups and tasks for Lobby and Bungee.
  7. 3.0.0 Tsunami BETA | Bug fixes | now finally set the Charset to utf-8

    + now finally set the Charset to utf-8
    + fixed a lot of bugs like server crashes
    + now the network cluster finally works + smart module bug fixes

    The SpigotMC page of CloudNet becomes some explanations about the components and the documentation for using multiple nodes.
  8. 3.0.0 Tsunami BETA | configuration fix

    + fixed utf-8 bug
    + fixed configuration loading error

    Reinstall CloudNet 3 or reset the tasks and groups if you installed the version from yesterday.
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  9. 3.0.0 Tsunami BETA | Bug fixes

    - The use of the network cluster has now been completely enabled and there are no more errors.
    - Bug fixes which are reported and founded
    - Now error logging of each service into the node console. Can disabled in the configuration file
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  10. now fixed url for download + bug fixes

    + small bug fixes
    + url to download is now fixed

    You can get the current last BETA version on this download link!

    On every download, you must only replace the launcher.jar or launcher.exe file!
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