CloudNet | The Cloud Network Environment Technology 2.1.12

The Minecraft server cloud network environment technology

  1. 2.1.12 | general bug fixes

    + added * alias for adding or removing all groups one permission
    + updating Paperspigot + HexaCord version
    + fixed bugs
    + updated netty version
    + added UUID whitelist support
    + added tab completion for /cloud command by NurMarvin
  2. 2.1.11 | In foreground: Bug fixes

    + removed OptmizeStringConcat command line parameter
    + added command completer to the master console
    + fixed auto updater
    + bug fixes

    - before the updater will work again you have to update manually


    Don't forget the past, and learn into the future!
  3. 2.1.10 | support 1.13.1 + java documentation update + multi domain cloudflare configuration

    + performance optmized for copying templates
    + added multi cloudflare configurations with more than one domain
    + termination confirmation is now usable with the commandline parameter "--requestTerminationSignal"
    + Java documentation updated
    + Alias for 'create' is now 'start' in master console
    + bugs fixed
    + updated "help" command in master console
    + updated netty version
    + updated snakeyaml version
    + added support for minecraft 1.13.1
    + added spigot version 1.13.1
    + updated HexaCord version...
  4. 2.1.9

    + added /cloudserver copyTo <targetGroup> argument for copying signs from current group into the target group
    + Sign- and Mobmodule now support the STATIC_LOBBY group ;)
    + added option for showing the server group informations into the info command
    + changed some default configurations
    + added bukkit.broadcast and bukkit.broadcast.admin as default permissions
    + some bug fixes
    + added parameter "wrapper" for create command
    + added termination confirmation if you press STRG*C

    + You should...
  5. 2.1.8 Internal updates

    + fixed some bugs
    + added shell files for macOS by DispenserLP
    + updated netty version
    + optimized performance from CloudNet-Master
    + changed function from /cloud rlconfig to /cloud rl
  6. 2.1.7 Minecraft 1.13 Support + optimize software performance

    + Java documentation update
    + added Minecraft 1.13 support
    + updated downloadable server and BungeeCord fork archives.
    + optimized Process performance
    + changed header layout
    + changed log format
    + changed commandline parameters
    + reverted disabling /reload command
    + updated user password encryption
    - removed DevService module

    I'm working on the project now again :)
  7. 2.1.6 Community update @02.07.2018

    +Fixed the updater to download all new releases from our server (
    + Starting servers using the REST-API works again.
    + Javadocs are now built together with the release.
    + Updated all dependencies and plugins.
    + Updated the file.
    + Fixed potential vulnerabilities.
    + Fixed various Maven issues.
    + Update is now accessible via the AutoUpdater.

    - Disabled /reload on all servers.
  8. 2.1.5 | Project end

    + update netty version
    + bug fixes

    Thanks for all the experience, that you gave me in this year.
    This project won´t be updated anymore by me. It will be updated by the community on Github:
    Thanks for all the experience, that you gave me in this year.
  9. 2.1.PreLF4 | wrapper update

    + wrapper update
  10. 2.1.PreLF3 | bug fixes

    + bug fixes
    + security update
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