CLSAlias | /cls alias for /clear 1.0

/cls alias for /clear

  1. Xemu
    Are you tired of /cls not working when you think you are in console but you are in Minecraft? This plugin is perfect for you!

    As a batch user I use the cls command a lot and when I move to minecraft and want to clear my inventory, I get "Command not exist" message, because only /clear exist. Therefore I made this plugin.

    Simple, execute /cls to clear your inventory. It just executes clear for you.


Recent Reviews

  1. KvinneKraft
    Version: 1.0
    Yea, this is a good one. I do not really know what it does, but hey, check it out, this is Dashie signing-out, high as heck, yup. Well, bye people, have a nice day. Wow. Such a FUCKING good PLUGIN!