cMoneyKill 1.0

One of the best death plugins on spigot for kitpvp/factions!

  1. iStrafeEU
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    iStrafeEU (Me)

    Version: 1.0.0 (First Release Currently)

    A simple plugin which allows you to edit the death message, add a kill reward and add a death fine. Players will not be charged if their balance is lower than the death charge to prevent negative balances!

    cMoneyKill.reload - To reload the config.

    This plugin requires vault for the economy!
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    Code (Text):
    # cMoneyKill by iStrafeEU! #

    COMMAND-DENIED: '&4&l(!) &r&4You do not have permission to perform this command!'
    CONFIG-RELOADED: '&a&L(!) &r&aYou reloaded the config!'
    DEATH-MESSAGE: '&e&l(!) &6&l%killer% &r&eJust dropped &6&l%dead%&r&e!'
    KILL-REWARD-MESSAGE: '&a&l(!) &r&aYou killed &c&l%dead% &r&aand earned: &c&l%amount%&r&a!'
    DEATH-CHARGE-MESSAGE: '&c&l(!) &r&aYou died to &c&l%killer% &r&cand lost: &c&l%amount%&r&a!'
    DEATH-NO-MONEY: '&c&l(!) &r&aYou died to &c&l%killer% &r&aand did not lose anything due to your balance being too low!'

    /cload - Reloads the config.

    In the future, I will be adding commands which allow you to edit the config from in game, making it more convenient for server owners/admins.

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