CobbleStone Generator 1.0.0

Creates a cobblestone generator!

  1. ServersMC
    ServersMC, DennisLysenko
    This plugin is abandoned. Please message me if you want this project to be continued. (Reason: Low demand)
    Time for the easy stuff! Want to have a ease for your players? Well download the cobblestone generator plugin! This will create a cobblestone generator with simple ease and no configurations! Just fire it up and done!

    There are no config files, and are no instructions for this plugin! Just place it into your plugins folder, and reload the plugin!

    Code (Text):
    * Instant CobbleStone Generator!
    * Block Reapears instantly!
    * Will work with Fortune Enchantments, and FortuneOverride plugin!
    Code (Text):
    /cg-create    Creates a generator with given instructions!
    /cg-remove    Removes a generator with given instructions!
    Code (Text):
    /cg-create    cobblestonegenerator.create
    /cg-remove    cobblestonegenerator.remove
    This plugin is not compatible with plugin's that changes the way drops work! If you found a plugin that is not compatible, please comment in the discussion area! You will find out if its not compatible when you type /cg-remove and you break a cobblestone block, and it said's its not a cobblestone! Thank you!

Recent Reviews

  1. DontStealMyPlu
    Version: 1.0.0
    Hey! I really like this, please also fix it because some times on my server it doesn't keep the generators and you can break it without it coming back. Thanks