CodeExecutor 0.1.3

Executes code inside Minecraft. Supports 30+ programming languages.

  1. RobinPH
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    CodeExecutor enables player to write and execute their code inside your server. CodeExecutor uses Piston code execution engine for the execution of every code. Github page of Piston: here
    *Works best on Default Minecraft Texture and Chat Settings*
    Code (Text):
    /code - Main entry point of the commands
      /code new - Create a new editor
      /code open - Open the editor
      /code close - Close the editor
      /code run - Run the code in your editor
      /code language - Change the execution language
      /code languages - List of suported languages
      /code scroll - Scroll up/down in the editor
      /code goto - Go to a certain line in the editor
      /code line - Commands for line modifications
        /code line insert - Insert new line
        /code line delete - Delete line
        /code line edit - Edit a line's text
        /code line move - Move line to another line
      /code argv
        /code argv count - Set the number of arguments
        /code argv set - Set the arguments values
      /code stdin - Enable/disable stdin
      /code save - Saves your current editor
      /code rename - Renames your current editor
      /code list - Shows a list of all of your codes
      /code delete - Delete a code editor.
      /code import - Import code from pastebin
    Code (YAML):
    codeexecutor.code - Access all of CodeExecutor's functionality
    Code (YAML):
    editor-height: 20 # Recommended: 20 and 10
    : 192 # Recommended: 192. n / 6 == How many 'A' characters can you fit in the line
    : 1028 # Recommended: <= 1028
    : 128 # Recommended: >=64 && <= 128
    : 64 # Recommended: <= 64
    : 16384 # Max size per output, 16 kilobytes
    : 32
    • The plugin has queue system for code execution because Piston only allows 5 requests per second.​
    Discord: robin#9650
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