CoinPlus 1.0.3

A simple (premium) money plugin (MySQL)

  1. Velris
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    English but changeable in the files
    CoinPlus Plugin
    By Velris
    Important !
    For the plugin to work you must enable the MySQL connection in the plugin configuration file. Without this the plugin will not work! A future update is planned to avoid using MySQL directly.

    This plugin allows you to have a premium or classic money on your server. The choice is yours !​

    • /cp set [player] [coins] - coinplus.set.use
    • /cp give [player] [coins] - coinplus.give.use
    • /cp remove [player] [coins] - coinplus.remove.use
    • /cp send [player] [coins] - coinplus.send.use
    • /cp balance [player] - coinplus.balance.use
    • /cp balance - coinplus.balance.use
    A general permission exists for administrators: coinplus.admin​


    Help the plugin to get better:

    You can help the plugin by sharing your ideas and a better translation. All of this from the discord !​


    If you like the plugin, don't forget to give it a rating, Every rating is greatly appreciated and extremely useful for the development of the plugin.​

    Any problems ?

    Instead of putting a bad note to the plugin because you have encountered a problem with the plugin please contact me by discord to solve the problem!​