Coins [1.8.x - 1.12.x] [MySQL | SQLite] [API] 2.3.2

The best plugin to manage your economy, from small servers to networks.

  1. 2.3.2

    • Hopefully fixed LeaderHeads hook :rolleyes:
    • Fix for plugins that creates non player accounts in the database using vault hook
  2. 2.3.1

    • Updated Hungarian translation. Thanks to montlikadani
    • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in give subcommand
    • Fixed PlaceholderAPI hook
    • Added useSSL=false to MySQL connection URL
    I also decided to launch a discord server where you can request support for my plugins :>
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  3. 2.3.0

    It has been a while since the last update, but now is here the version 2.3.0 with a new feature and some bug fixes.


    • Fixed problems with placeholders in some commands.
    • Fixed bugs with vault hook.
    • Renamed some internal packages.
    • Updated version of dependencies.
    • Added a new option in the config for command executors, now you can configure the executor sign for each executor command, so you can have different signs for each executor, see the default...
  4. 2.2.2

    - You can now disable the messages of the commands by leaving them blank in the respective messages file.
    - The message of the database check now is in debug mode, so it will not be shown in the console.
    - Added a option in the config to create users in the database when they join, if this option is disabled the users are created in the first interaction with his coins.
    - Added more checks in the code to prevent users who are not yet in the database from being added...​
  5. 2.2.1

    - Added Russian translation. Thanks to @Bogdan2402
    - The plugin now will not asume that you're using bungeecord, this fix the cache updates.
    - Fixed real multipliers data wasn't properly updated in bungeecord.
    - Fixed executors wasn't reloaded with /coins reload.
  6. 2.2.0

    Finally the version 2.2.0 is here, with some new features and optimizations, also I started the creation of a wiki for the plugin that can be found here (it is not finished yet).


    - Added LeaderHeads support (see the wiki for more information).
    - Added Hungarian translation.
    - Now you can import data...​
  7. 2.1.4

    - Fixed MySQL connection check in bungeecord is cancelled after the first run.​
  8. 2.1.3

    I'm sorry for the delay in this update, I've been very busy in my last exams.

    - Added a new placeholder for coins %coins_amount_formatted%, this placeholder show the coins with format 1000 = 1k, 1000000 = 1m and so.
    - Added a new placeholder for multipliers %coins-multipliers_time_<server>% that show remaining time of a multiplier in the format (days, )hours:minutes:secconds. (the days only apears if the multiplier is days, if it only lasts for hours, it does not...​
  9. 2.1.2

    Fixed players can't be created in the database. I apologize for that :(
  10. 2.1.1

    - Added Czech translation. (@KevinYouTube)
    - Updated Chinese translation and config, now the chinese configuration is generated in the first startup.
    - Updated HikariCP dependency.
    - Fixed first startup in bungeecord.
    - Added a folder for all the messages files, the old messages files should be moved automatically (this is to keep the plugin folder clean).
    - Added MultiplierEnableEvent that is called when a multiplier is...​