Coins [Economy, Titles, & API] 2.2

Lightweight economy handled through titles, and has a easy to use API, with hover effects!

  1. iHolden
    Hello, this is a continuation of my previous Coins plugin, needless to say it was quite popular, it required API's though and as I've advanced at development I've realized if you're going to release it, you might as well make sure it's dependency free on small stuff like that, I do that in this version, whilst having a bigger API, sounds, as well as titles. This was a plugin I created today, I will open source it at 100 downloads, and then I will post minor plugins on the repo that deal with this API, I have a few in mind :).

    Here are the list of features:
    (Not all of them are listed)

    • Lightweight Economy system
    • Fast updates
    • All command outputs through the title system (See Screenshots)
    • Hover effects
    • Many commands
    • Flat file system (No need for databases)
    • On first join, creates account, logs to console.
    • API
    • And more to come!

    How to install:
    Simply drag and drop the .jar into your /plugins folder. Restart and you should will have it installed!

    Under the Hood:
    Coins is very lightweight, extremely lightweight. On the first load of the plugin it will generate a "Coins" folder with a "user-data.yml" inside, do not touch this, as it stores the player's balances and such. Everything is stored flat file, might add MySql later on.

    Another thing it does, is when a player joins, it checks if they have an account, if not, it automatically creates one with the balance "0.0".

    Check your coins: (No permission) /coins
    Pay a user: (No Permission) /coins pay <player> <amount>
    Set a user's balance: (Coins.set) /coins set <player> <amount>
    Add to a user's balance: (Coins.add) /coins add <player> <amount>
    Remove coins from a user's balance: (Coins.add) /coins remove <payer> <amount>

    For those of whom who read, +1 to you.
    When a user joins without an account, hover over your name:

    When a user checks their balance:


    When adding money to a user's account:

    When a user does not have permission for a command:

    When a user types a unknown command that starts with /coins:

    For those that aren't developers, API means you can basically build plugins from this. In a way, that's what bukkit/spigot is.
    Add Coins.jar to your build path as an external jar, of course.
    Then add this to your plugin.yml:
    Code (yml (Unknown Language)):

    // If it's not needed, but used, use this:
    soft-depend: [Coins]

    // If it's strictly required use this:
    depend: [Coins]
    Here are the methods you can access using my API:
    Code (Java):

    // Get a player's balance:

    // Set the player's balance to a specified amount
    Coins.setMoney(player, amount);

    // Add a specified amount to a player:
    Coins.addMoney(player, amount);

    // Remove a specified amount of money from a player:
    Coins.removeMoney(player, amount);

    // Load the user-data.yml file in the coins folder:
    READ ME:
    For all of those who have hateful comments, and hateful reviews & bad ratings, please keep to yourself as I am a developer in learning & trying to learn just as everyone else on this site, if you would like to leave a good review, thank you. If not, please keep to yourself and thanks for reading. Want more cool stuff? Click here to view my plugins.
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