Coins Menu 1.1 Bug fixes

A usefull menu to get coins or remove or rest ur coins!

  1. SuperSteve
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    A useful menu where if you like to get coins or remove coins or if you like to rest your coins you can do so please tell me if there's bugs If I see I will make sure to fix it in the next version and if you want to see more features make sure to ask me to my discord is SpookySteveB#6822 and this is also editable but be careful!(This only applys to you not any other person on your server!)

    Add Coins
    Reset Coins
    Take Coins

    Addons for skript (Btw you may not need all of these these are just the ones I tested on but I recommend useing all but u can try with just Skript plugin)
    - Skript (The plugin)
    - SkQuery
    - skRayFall
    - TuSKe
    - Skellett

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    Requires 1 other plugin then Skript:

Recent Reviews

  1. uwu1337
    Version: 1.1 Bug fixes
    Complete trash why would anyone use it for anything
  2. fdsfg
    Version: 1.1 Bug fixes
    unoptimized code
    (about desc) only skript and tuske are needed (tuske is for gui)
    1. SuperSteve
      Author's Response
      how can i make it better?