Coins 1.10.8

Drop coins for killing mobs & mining. Allow withdrawing. Good for drop parties. Highly configurable.

  1. 1.10.6: many internal changes, fix decimals and subtitle

    • Many internal changes.
      • Rewrote the config handler, so errors should now very rarely occur when not configuring properly, and warnings are very descriptive.
      • Decimals are now properly working (and properly rounded) all over the plugin.
      • When there are errors on startup, the whole plugin will not be disabled anymore, but features will be disabled and the commands of the plugin will explain what can be done to fix the errors.
      • And much more... If you find a bug, please report it on the support Discord server: You can simply post errors without context in the #coins-errors channel.
    • It is now possible to withdraw coins in decimals.
    • Fixed the subtitle on player death not showing.
    • More messages are now available to be translated.
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