Coins 2.0.0

Economy system - Reward your members for good work with Coins and let them execute commands.

  1. shukari
    Coins is a bonus system for players.
    It works like the monetary system servers in MMORPG. You can use coins for you're commands, eg healing costs 10 coins. The admin can give Coins for donations or for excellent services and the player can decide which command he used.

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    [​IMG] a CustomCommandBuilder
    [​IMG] a Metrics System
    [​IMG] a AutoUpdate System
    [​IMG] a premium/VIP currency
    [​IMG] reward your members for good work with Coins
    [​IMG] Votifier support, for coins per vote
    [​IMG] Scoreboard support
    [​IMG] you can earn money for Coins for example 500 Coins for 5$, just an example!
    [​IMG] add UUID (playernames are variable)

    [​IMG] Coinsshop (BOSS Shop, Chestshop)
    [​IMG] more ....

    Coins 2.0.0 | 1.8.* | Spigot/Bukkit | Download

    prefix command: /c, /cc, /cs, /coins

    /c money (player) | Shows your Coins and the Coins of other players |,
    /c set [player] [amount] | Sets a certain number of coins for the player | coins.set
    /c add [player] [amount] | Adds coins to the players total | coins.add
    /c help | Help command for the plugin
    /c info(/version/about) | Info about me :D and the version of the plugin
    /c list(/custom) | List and prices of all enabled commands
    /c [Command_Name] ([args]) | Your own commands|coins.custom.[Command_Name]
    ()= optional, []= must enter



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  1. fire__rain
    Version: 2.0.0
    great,plesae update it :)