Coins 1.96

Let your server have custom currency and shops

  1. Added console command

    The console is now able to use the command
  2. Bugfixes and new features

    New features:
    • You can now set the port in the config, it will be 3306 by default!
    • Added OfflinePlayer support, all the commands are the same but you can now set, remove, add and see the coins from players that aren't online!

    Also small bugfixes and better MySQL!
  3. Bugfix + custom command

    + Sometimes the coins were not loading Correctly, that is now fixed
    + You can now customize the coins command to whatever you like.
    Code (Text):
      Command: coins
      Description: The main Coins command
      - tokens
      - money
  4. Added Shop GUI

    - Added new Shop GUI, for info how to use you can check the main page
  5. Bug fix

    Bug fix: update required
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  6. Improved MySQL code

    - Now only loads from MySQL when joining and starting
    - Only saves the coins to MySQL when leaving or restarting the server
    - API changes
    - Not version dependent anymore
    - Get the coins from someone who is not online
    - Get the coins by UUID and player name
    - Added one new message: loadingerror, it gets called when the UUID or player name cannot be found in the MySQL table

    The plugin automaticly updates the mysql table
  7. Improved code

    - improved some code
  8. Message update

    - You can now edit the messages that are sent to the player
    - You can set the amount of money a player gets when he or she first joins!
  9. Newest version from spigot, bugfix

    - Newest spigot version
    - A really small bugfix
  10. Bugfixes and new features

    - You can now see coins from other players with coins PlayerName you need the same permission for that as for the other commands.
    - Set the prefix from the plugin that is what is displayed in front of the textmessages, if you put & if will be a color.
    - no longer put a - value as amount