Cold Storage 2.1.0

Store large amounts of items using a GUI.

  1. crashtheparty
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Tired of storing tons of cobblestone, stone, or other building materials in hundreds of chests, or just throwing them away to make room for more valuable items? With the use of Cold Storage, you can give your players access to large amounts of storage for customizable prices.

    Note: Please report any issues you find to the github tracker in case of any issues. Any feature requests can also be made on the github tracker or in the ColdStorage discussion area.

    Getting Started (Server Owner)
    1. Make sure CrashAPI is installed on your server.
    2. If loading for the first time, a Storage Type called "Basic" will be created. If loading from 1.x, it will take configuration values and database values to create a "Legacy" Storage Type.
    3. Modify the base amounts of storages per type and in total in config.yml
    4. Use the /admin command to create permissions and add extra storage types.
    5. Let your players store huge quantities of items easily!

    Getting Started (Player)
    1. Use /open to open the Storage GUI
    2. Click on "Buy Cold Storage" in the bottom right
    3. Click on "Create a Draft" in the bottom right
    4. Set a name, an item, and a storage type for the draft
    5. Click on the emerald block at the bottom right to buy (if it's a redstone block, follow the directions on it)
    6. Click on your new storage and store your items!
    Import/Export Chests
    • Import and Export chests are turned off by default in the basic storage type; to enable, modify an existing storage type through the /admin GUIs.
    • Players will need to claim chests using /chest before they can use the feature. Setting a player's coldstorage.chest permission to false will make them unable to use the feature.
    • Every 4 redstone ticks (.4 seconds), the Import chest will examine the inventory and place one item into the storage if it has the same type and metadata.
    • Every 4 redstone ticks (.4 seconds), the Export chest will check if the storage has any items and if the chest can hold more items and, if both true, insert an item into the chest.
    • Chests may be classified as an Import chest for one item and an Export chest for a different item.

    /coldstorage: Allows all other commands to be run from this command. (/coldstorage open, /coldstorage admin, etc.)
    /open: Opens the cold storage(permission:
    /admin: Opens another player's cold storage as admin (permission: coldstorage.admin)
    /chest: Allows claiming and unclaiming chests for importing/exporting (permission: coldstorage.chest)
    /csreload: Reload the cold storage configs (permission: coldstorage.reload)
    /cshelp: Shows information on usable commands in ColdStorage (permission:

    Permissions Allows player to open the storage inventory (default: true)
    coldstorage.admin: Allows player to open other player's cold storages (default: op) Allows player to use the help command (default: true)
    coldstorage.chest: Allows player to claim and unclaim chests (default: true)
    coldstorage.reload: Allows player to reload the configs (default: op)
    coldstorage.remove_chests: Allows player to destroy other player's chests (default: op)

Recent Updates

  1. Release 2.1.0
  2. 2.0.9
  3. Release 2.0.8

Recent Reviews

  1. Masterfireheart
    Version: 2.0.9
    Such a hidden gem lifesaver of a plugin, I can't imagine doing long mining/woodgathering trips in SMP+ without it! Makes clearing your inventory of collected blocks/mob drops literally as easy as typing 4 letters and clicking a button.
  2. stormyboy
    Version: 2.0.9
    I was asking for this plugin. I believe it will get better in the future.

    I think it would be great to be able to enter ColdChest directly after picking up an item.
    And I need an item blacklist & whitelist.
  3. GameCharmer
    Version: 2.0.9
    Does exactly what I need it to do. I can AFK for hours at one group of farms, fill up some storages, then export everything back out thousands of blocks away without the need for massive complex transfer systems.
  4. minhthanh920
    Version: 1.1.3
    good plugin. Please add custom message and Gui.
  5. BCG10087
    Version: 1.0.0
    I like it. I would say more like 4 and a half stars. It's great because it's unique. There are some things I would like to see though...

    • A way to change the command to open the interface
    • More slots for different items
    • Being able to store non-stackable items

    Really that's all. A great plugin. Nice work. You have a fan.
    1. crashtheparty
      Author's Response
      If you tell me what "more slots for different items" means I can try adding it to the next version.
  6. SeanWalk
    Version: 1.0.0
    It's a really great idea. easy to use
    but can u add reload config command in game?