Color Converter | Makes Hex colors simple! 2021-01-22

Adds color codes using any letter like &h or &y! Create your own color codes!

  1. LynMaster2000
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Color Converter
    Minecraft version 1.16 added hex color support. However, hex codes can be tricky to use and impossible to remember.
    Color converter adds color codes using the "&" sign for every single letter.
    These color codes are pre-assigned, but can be customized however you want!

    Discord: LynMaster2000#7298 for support!

    - Use 14 new color codes!
    - &g, &h, &i, &j, &p, &q, &s, &t, &u, &v, &w, &x, &y, &z
    - Use new colors like Brown, turquoise, orange and infinitely many more!
    - 14 new customizable colors to play with!
    - Make your own color codes using hex colors!

    - Bind the hex color "#4dbd92" to the "&g" color code in the config
    - Chat messages using "
    &g" will become This Color!

    /ColorConverter Shows plugin info and version
    /ColorConverter reload Reloads the plugin config

    - colorconverter.colors Allows the use of colors in chat
    - colorconverter.admin
    Allows the use of /ColorConverter reload and /ColorConverter

    cc 1.PNG
    cc 2.PNG
    Example of new color codes &y and &j
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