ColoredNames 1.4.2

A fun and cosmetic add-on to Essentials nickname system.

  1. Realized
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    Ever wanted to allow your players to only change their name's character color? Wanted to use Essentials' nickname but tired of nickname abusers? Well, with my plugin, all your problems are solved!

    Command: /color or /color <player>
    Description: Opens the GUI for yourself/others.
    Permission: colorednames.use for /color, colorednames.use.others for /color <player>.

    Step 1. Download Essentials if you haven't already.
    Step 2. In the config.yml of Essentials, set 'max-nickname-length' to 250+.
    Step 3. You're done! Enjoy.

    Code (Text):

    # title length must be 32 or less, else it'll break.
    gui-title: '&cClick to change color!'

    # Available placeholder: %nickname%
    name: '&a&lClick to confirm!'
    - '&7Click to set'
    - '&7your nickname'
    - '&7to ''&r%nickname%&7''.'

    # Edit the messages here!
    no-permission: '&c[ColoredNames] You do not have permission to execute this command.'
    target-not-found: '&c[ColoredNames] That player is not online!'
    on-open-others: '&a[ColoredNames] Opened GUI for %player%.'

    # Add your own command alias here!
    # For example, '/colorname' will be redirected to '/color'.
    - 'colorname'
    - 'colormyname'

    # Edit the color of the wool and the color code for the clicked character here.
    # Format: <wool meta>:<color code>
    # For example, when player clicks wool:0 (white wool), &f will be added to the clicked character.
    # You can also add multiple color codes! (Example: '1:&6&l' -> Adds a bold orange color to the character.)
    # Read more about the color codes here:
    - '0:&f'
    - '1:&6'
    - '2:&d'
    - '3:&b'
    - '4:&e'
    - '5:&a'
    - '14:&4'
    - '6:&c'
    - '7:&8'
    - '8:&7'
    - '9:&3'
    - '10:&5'
    - '11:&9'
    - '13:&2'
    - '15:&0'


    On /color:

    On Click:

    On Close:

    Thanks for downloading my plugin! If you have any issues, please PM me. (Click to PM)
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Recent Reviews

  1. darkmaki147
    Version: 1.4.2
    gracias muchas gracias exlente oie podrias hacer lo mismo que sea con tablist seria genial graicas................
  2. Risky_Shotz03
    Version: 1.4.2
    Great plugin and very creative idea to have that type of GUI, but i have an issue the nickname isnt changing when i hit confirm.. Please PM me ASAP i love this and need it! <3
  3. juancruzdallago
    Version: 1.4
    Excellent plugin men awesome nice epic XD the plugin work excellent thanks men, Only add a:

    &L,&o and other colors ADD A SUPPORT FOR BUNGEECORD
  4. hdakhilz
    Version: 1.4
    #1 Cool developer who made 3 awesome plugins
    #2 This is brilliant I don't like the fact my users /nick something unrelated i gave nick to them just to color their names so this fixes it
    #3 Comes with a GUI!
    #4 Diffierent colors for each letter & number in your name
  5. GodsEmblemPVP
    Version: 1.4
    AWESOME! I love how you have this plugin setup, brilliant! Must have for any type of server, especially for donations!
  6. Prince4DX
    Version: 1.3
    I love new resources with simple Ideas! Works perfectly! Maby as an update it would be nice to add a bigger gui with colored wool? However works perf! Thanks!
    1. Realized
      Author's Response
      Thanks! And there will be an update related to the GUI soon. ;)