ColoredNames 1.4.2

A fun and cosmetic add-on to Essentials nickname system.

  1. Version 1.4 - Major changes

    What's new in v1.4:
    This update requires a reset of your config.yml.
    - You can now edit every messages in the configuration!
    - 'Cancel' Button removed, instead added 'Confirm' button that's editable in the configuration!
    - You can now open the GUI for others! /color <name>
    (Permission: colorednames.use.others)
    - In the GUI, left clicking will move to the previous color, and right clicking will move to the next color!
    - A little change to 'color' section of the configuration! You can now add multiple color codes. Look into the new configuration for more information!

    That's pretty much all! If you're experiencing any sort of a problem, feel free to shoot me a PM! I'll respond as soon as possible.
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