ColoredPlayerNames 2.0.2

A very simple plugin that colors players' names randomly on join

  1. ColoredPlayerNames v2.0.2

    Fixed bug involving long team names. If you were getting "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command," this probably fixes that error.
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  2. ColoredPlayerNames v2.0.1

    Support for servers that are in offline mode
  3. ColoredPlayerNames v2.0

    • Moved static colors from permissions to config
    • Added /coloredplayernames command
    • Tab completion
    • Death messages
    • Added additional fine-grained permissions
    • Switch from MCStats to bStats
    • Ability to disable features for compatibility
    • Completely rewritten in Kotlin
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  4. ColoredPlayerNames v1.2

    The /changecolor command now has an optional color name parameter. To change the color of your name, use:

    /changecolor <color_name>

    Note that you still need to have the coloredplayernames.changecolor permission.
  5. ColoredPlayerNames v1.1

    There is now a /changecolor command that allows a player to change the color of their name without having to reconnect. The permission is coloredplayernames.changecolor.
  6. ColoredPlayerNames v1.0

    Colors are now configurable, and can be weighted differently. Read the description for more information.
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  7. ColoredPlayerNames v0.4

    I added permissions to permanently color a player's name.
    • coloredplayernames.dark_blue
    • coloredplayernames.dark_green
    • coloredplayernames.dark_aqua
    • coloredplayernames.dark_red
    • coloredplayernames.dark_purple
    • coloredplayernames.gray
    • coloredplayernames.dark_gray
    • coloredplayernames.aqua
    • coloredplayernames.light_purple...