Colorful Tools | Sort Items By Color | 1.13-1.16.5+ V 1.1.2

Sort items by Color | Custom Images on Maps | Generate Mega Blocks | Sound Helper!

  1. craterhater
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    This plugin used to be a premium plugin. I've decided I want it to be free so any support via the Paypal link above is massively appreciated!

    Confirmed on 12th of April 2021. Latest build still works with 1.16.5

    Colorful tools is a handy plugin with 5 main functionalities. These will be explained below. In short they are:
    - Generate 16x16 Block Replicas!
    - Generate Images on Maps!
    - Generate Images as Blocks!
    - Search for Blocks by their Color!
    - Sound Helper!

    Here is a link to some screenshots!


    Using the /hugeblocks command you can get yourself the power to place 16x16 blocks. This allows you to create insanely large builds with just a few clicks. It looks incredibly impressive and is also a bit mind boggling to look at.

    Open the helper by writing /hugeblocks. Click the blocks you want to get a placeable item. If you want to use experimental blocks that are not yet supported by this plugin you can use /hugeblocks <type>. For example /hugeblocks stone_bricks. You can get all materials in Minecraft this way but please note that non 16x16 textures like anvils are not supported and will look weird. All the items in the hugeblocks menu are supported and will look good.


    Working on a build with a certain color palette? Using the /color tool you will be able to find all blocks that are a certain color. Want to find all the brown blocks? Simply select the brown item and all the brown blocks appear. Plain and simple! Want to find a random palette? Sure! Click the random color button and you will see all blocks with this random color.

    Open this UI using the /color command. Only available to operators.


    The sound helper tool allows you to search and sort through all the sounds in Minecraft in order to try them out. You can play them privately so only you can hear it, play it locally so everyone around you can hear it and globally so the entire server can hear it.

    Open this UI using the /sound command. Only available to operators.

    Using this plugin you can place custom images (.png, .gif or .jpg) in the plugin folder (Same folder where the config.yml is) in order to use them on maps. Open the maps menu and click the file you wish to get a map of.

    Open this maps menu using the /maps command. Only available to operators.

    Using this tool you can generate images from the plugin folder (same as the config.yml) in block form. These images can be accessed using the /images inventory. Here you can select which one you want to place.

    The direction you look will determine in what direction the image will get placed. Do make sure your image is not too big because else it won't fit in the build limit! Maybe resize it using paint?

    Access the menu using /images. In order to add an image simply place it in the same folder as the config.yml of this plugin.

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