Colorful Words 1.1

Add some color to your chat!

  1. armandozetaxx
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Languages Supported:
    All messages are configurable.

    This plugin allows players to add some color on the chat and avoid those annoying color codes.

    • All messages 100% configurable.
    • All colors and formats from minecraft supported.
    • Enable or disable specific colors and formats.
    • Every color and format has their own permission.
    • Enable or disable the GUI.
    • UUID support.
    • 100% EULA compliant.


    Main GUI:

    Colors GUI:

    Formats GUI:


    Code (Text):
    # ColorfulWords Configuration
    # Can players access the main menu? If false, players would have to use commands.
      enabled: true
    # Can players select a color? If false, colors in chat would be disable.
      enabled: true
    # Enable or disble a specific color.
      Black-enabled: true
      DarkBlue-enabled: true
      DarkGreen-enabled: true
      DarkAqua-enabled: true
      DarkRed-enabled: true
      DarkPurple-enabled: true
      Gold-enabled: true
      Gray-enabled: true
      DarkGray-enabled: true
      Blue-enabled: true
      Green-enabled: true
      Aqua-enabled: true
      Red-enabled: true
      LightPurple-enabled: true
      Yellow-enabled: true
      White-enabled: true
    # Can players select a format? If false, formats in chat would be disable.
      enabled: true
    # Enable or disble a specific format.
      Obfuscated-enabled: true
      Bold-enabled: true
      Strikethrough-enabled: true
      Underline-enabled: true
      Italic-enabled: true

    Code (Text):

    # Messages:
      Title: '&9&lCustomize your words:'
        Title: '&5&nColors'
        - '&7Select a color to display on chat.'
        Title: '&5&nCurrent Colors'
        - '&7Your current color is %color'
        - '&7Your current format is %format'
        Title: '&5&nFormats'
        - '&7Select a format to display on chat.'
        Go-Back: '&fGo Back'
        Remove: '&fRemove'
      Title: '&9&lSelect a color:'
      Black-Name: '&fBlack'
      DarkBlue-Name: '&1Dark Blue'
      DarkGreen-Name: '&2Dark Green'
      DarkAqua-Name: '&3Dark Aqua'
      DarkRed-Name: '&4Dark Red'
      DarkPurple-Name: '&5Dark Purple'
      Gold-Name: '&6Gold'
      Gray-Name: '&7Gray'
      DarkGray-Name: '&8Dark Gray'
      Blue-Name: '&9Blue'
      Green-Name: '&aGreen'
      Aqua-Name: '&bAqua'
      Red-Name: '&cRed'
      LightPurple-Name: '&dLight Purple'
      Yellow-Name: '&eYellow'
      White-Name: '&fWhite'
      None-Name: '&fNone'
      Title: '&9&lSelect a format:'
      Obfuscated-Name: '&fObfuscated - &kSample'
      Bold-Name: '&lBold'
      Strikethrough-Name: '&mStrikethrough'
      Underline-Name: '&nUnderline'
      Italic-Name: '&oItalic'
      None-Name: '&fNone'
      Color-Selected: '&fYou have selected the color %color.'
      Format-Selected: '&fYou have selected the format %format.'
      Remove-Color: '&fYou have removed your current color.'
      Remove-Format: '&fYou have removed your current format.'
      Menu-Disabled: '&cMain menu is disabled.'
      Colors-Disabled: '&cColors are disabled.'
      Formats-Disabled: '&cFormats are disabled.'
      Only-Players: '&cOnly players inside the game can use this command.'
      Color-Disable: '&cThat color is disabled by the administration.'
      Format-Disable: '&cThat format is disabled by the administration.'
      No-Permission: '&cYou do not have permissions to use that.'
      Config-Reloaded: '&cYou have reloaded the configuration.'
      Usage: '&7Correct Usage: /colorw <color / format / remove>'
      Color-Usage: '&7Correct Usage: /colorw color <color>'
      Available-Colors: '&9Colors: black, darkblue, darkgreen, darkaqua, darkred, darkpurple,
        gold, gray, darkgray, blue, green, aqua, red, lightpurple, yellow and white'
      Format-Usage: '&7Correct Usage: /colorw format <format>'
      Available-Formats: '&9Formats: obfuscated, bold, strikethrough, underline and italic'
      Remove-Usage: '&7Correct Usage: /colorw remove <color / format>'
      Usage: '&7Correct Usage: /colorwadmin <reload>'


    Code (Text):
    # Players with colors or formats:
      Color: DarkGreen
      Format: Bold

    Code (Text):
    Main Command:

    #Without arguments opens the main GUI
    - /colorw [/cw and colw]

    #Arguments in case GUI is disabled: <color / format / remove>

    #Admin Command
    - /colorwadmin [/cwa and colwa]

    #Arguments: <reload>


    ColorfulWords.GUI - Use of GUI
    ColorfulWords.GUI.Bypass - Open GUI even if is disabled.
    ColorfulWords.Colors.Bypass: Use a color even if is disabled.
    ColorfulWords.Formats.Bypass: Use a format even if is disabled.

     ColorfulWords.Color.* - Access to all colors.
    ColorfulWords.Color.Black - Access to black color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.DarkBlue - Access to dark blue color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.DarkGreen - Access to dark green color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.DarkAqua - Access to dark aqua color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.DarkRed - Access to dark red color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.DarkPurple - Access to dark purple color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.Gold - Access to gold color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.Gray - Access to gray color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.DarkGray - Access to dark gray color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.Blue - Access to blue color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.Green - Access to green color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.Aqua - Access to aqua color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.Red - Access to red color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.LightPurple - Access to light purple color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.Yellow - Access to yellow color.
    ColorfulWords.Color.White - Access to white color.

    ColorfulWords.Format.* - Access to all formats.
    ColorfulWords.Format.Obfuscated - Access to obfuscated format.
    ColorfulWords.Format.Bold - Access to bold format.
    ColorfulWords.Format.Strikethrough - Access to strikethrough format.
    ColorfulWords.Format.Underline - Access to underline format.
    ColorfulWords.Format.Italic - Access to italic format.

    #Admin Command
    ColorfulWords.Admin - Allows player the usage of the admin command.
    ColorfulWords.Admin.Reload - Allows player to reload the configuration.
    ColorfulWords.Admin.* - Full access to the admin command.

    If you have a video about the plugin then send me a private message and I'll showcase it here.

    If you use the plugin and want your server to be showcased here, send me a private message.


    • Add new variation of colors.
    • Add admin command in order to remove, change or display current information of a player.
    • Add world configuration.
    • Add a command to reload the configuration. (v1.1)
    • Make the plugin compatible with other minecraft versions. (v1.1)
    This is my first plugin, any kind of suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.


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