Colorize PHP Parser 1.2

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    Source Code:
    Minecrell, jxxe, febryars33, Clorofile
    Screenshot.png # ColorizePHPParser
    Minecraft color parser for PHP

    - Support (&) and (§)
    - Support Unicode Characters
    - Support Mix & / § on string function

    ## How to use ##

    HTML Section
    First add the css file

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="MinecraftColors.min.css">

    Second add a javascript file

    Here's some code for the obfuscated text (§k):
    <script src="MinecraftObfuscated.min.js"></script>

    PHP Section
    Using § / &

    echo mccolors('§6Hello World');

    Or you can mix it with & or §

    echo mccolors('§6Hello &8World');
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