ColorMatch 1.5.3

Jump on the wool in your inventory and don't fall!

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    You get a colored wool in your Inventory and you have to jump onto the corresponding color! Multiple arenas can be set up that are joinable via signs/commands. As of now the last man standing wins, which can't be changed. See further information and configuration options down below.

    === Setup ===
    1. Set the main lobby where all join signs will be: /cm setmainlobby
    For each new arena:
    1. /cm createarena [name]
    2. Set the waiting lobby (different than the main lobby!): /cm setlobby [name]
    3. Setup the minigame (will create a 64x64 area full with wool, be aware of that!): /cm setup [name]

    To create a join sign:
    1st line: colormatch; 3rd line: arenaname

    Creating a join sign requires the permission cm.sign.


    === Smaller Arenas ===

    As of v1.5 you can also create smaller arenas. The setup is the same except for one command, /cm setup is now /cm setupsmall. It will create an 32x32 arena and not the default 64x64 arena, which is good for small servers with less ram.

    === Commands/Permissions ===


    Creating a join sign requires the permission cm.sign.

    === Config ===

    Code (Text):
      auto_updating: true # I recommend you to set that to true for bugfix releases etc.
      rounds_per_game: 10 # how many times the color will change per game
      start_countdown: 5 # seconds to wait before starting a game
      default_max_players: 4 # max amount of players that can join and will be used as a default
      default_min_players: 3 # amount of players required to start a game and min amount of players that will be used as a default
      use_economy_reward: true # if set to true, the winner get the money reward, if false, the item reward
      money_reward_per_game: 30
      itemid: 264
      itemamount: 1
      use_command_reward: false # will execute the following command as a reward, if set to true
      command_reward: pex user [user] group set ColorPro
      start_anouncement: true # enables server broadcasts
      arena: '&aSuccessfully saved arena.'
      lobby: '&aSuccessfully saved lobby.'
      setup: '&6Successfully saved spawn. Now setting up, might &2lag&6 a little bit.'
      not_in_arena: '&cYou don''t seem to be in an arena right now.'
      config_reloaded: '&6Successfully reloaded config.'
      arena_is_ingame: '&cThe arena appears to be ingame.'
      arena_invalid: '&cThe arena appears to be invalid.'
      arena_invalid_sign: '&cThe arena appears to be invalid, because a join sign is missing.'
      arena_invalid_component: '&2The arena appears to be invalid (missing components
      or misstyped arena)!'
      you_fell: '&3You fell! Type &6/cm leave &3to leave.'
      you_won: '&aYou won this round, awesome man! Here, enjoy your reward.'
      starting_in: '&aStarting in &6'
      starting_in2: '&a seconds.'
      arena_full: '&cThis arena is full!'
      starting_anouncement: '&aStarting a new ColorMatch Game in &6'
      started_anouncement: '&aA new ColorMatch Round has started!'

    === Arena Difficulty ===

    You can set the difficulty for each arena as of v1.4. Simply do /cm setdifficulty [arenaname] [difficulty] to change it.

    Possible difficulties are:

    | 0 | Easy |
    | 1 | Default |
    | 2 | Hard |

    The Logarithm:

    On each round, the following time is calculated for the next round. d is the difficulty, which can be 0, 1 or 2. 80L can be seen as 4 seconds (20L = 1 second). You can use the following function to determine the seconds in ticks for a round, if you're a big mathematician:

    f(x) = 80 - (d * 20) - (4 * x)

    === Preview ===


    === Youtube ===

    Thanks to Wukkit for creating this video like 3 hours after the first release! (a bit outdated as of now)

    German tutorial video:

    === Todo ===

    * add bungee support later
    * add glass mode?
    * better wool generation
    * alter mob clearing
    * add kits later
    * remove fall damage

    === Additional Information ===

    You can find the source code at

    ColorMatch is also included in MinigamesParty,

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