ColorName (No longer updating) 2.0

Makes players able to change their name color

  1. forseth11
    Color Name:

    This plugin is a simple plugin that simply lets players change their name color in chat. Admins with the admin permission or ops can change other people's chat name color. This plugin was made by: Forseth11 and was requested by: icomputerz.
    This was one of my first plugins, and I have decided to come back and update it again. That is why it is version 2.


    User commands:
    • /color <COLOR> - Set the color of your name.
    • /color reset - Reset you name color to white.
    • /color help - Gives you a help list and color list.
    Admin/op commands:
    • /color <NAME> <COLOR> - Color another user's name.
    • /color <NAME> <RESET> - Reset user's name color to white.
    You can use /colour instead of /color


    • colorname.changecolor - Allows a player to color their name if this permission is set to false or op. Default: true
    • colorname.admin - This gives a player the admin commands. Default: op

    • colorSet - Message for players when they set their color. (%color is where the color that it was changed to goes.)
    • colorSetDefault - Message to player when they reset their color.
    • colorSetByAdminToAdmin - Message to admin when they change a player's color. (%color is where the color that it was changed to goes. %player is where the changed player's name goes)
    • colorSetByAdmin - Message sent to player when an admin changes their color. (%color is where the color that it was changed to goes.)
    • colorSetByAdminToAdminDefault - Same as colorSetByAdminToAdmin just it is for admin reset.
    • colorSetByAdminDefault - Same as colorSetDefault just it is for admin reset
    • colorDefault - This is where you can change the default color code.
    Advanced: Database
    If you are using a SQL data base you can use the following settings:

    • enable - Toggle the database function
    • host - The host for the SQL database. This is set as ip:#port/databaseName
    • username - The user name for the database
    • password - The password for the database
    • table - The name of the table for the database For the table have two columns. uuid = VARCHAR(37) color = int

    Essentials Conflict:

    If you have essentials on your server you may have a bit of trouble getting the name colors to change. To avoid this simply go into the essentials config and make "change-displayname: false"


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Recent Reviews

  1. UltimateGames
    Version: 2.0
    ----------------------------------------------[ Add a gui. ]-----------------------------------------------
    1. forseth11
      Author's Response
      You can if you want. I don't even care about this plugin xD. It was my first I've ever made so yea.. You should check out my Force plugin. It uses GUIs a lot, and so does my Feudal plugin, and VoteTokens plugin.
  2. SherComp
    Version: 2.0
    It has everything i want!
    Only MySQL is not saying anything in console like : Connection Succesful or Database connection prepared