ColorPaintPlus 2.7.3

A Multi-Arena Painball-Plugin

  1. SourceWriters
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Chrisgamma[Designer,Tester], Xenoo19[Tester]
    1. Overview
    2. Features
    3. Installation
    4. Commands & Permissions
    5. ToDo-List


    ColorPaint is an simple Paintball-Plugin. It features all vs all Paintball in different Arenas. Additional ColorPaint add custom Start-Kits and 5 special items.

    ColorPaint is an OpenSource-Sotware!
    You are allowed to use the code in your projects, if you give credit to this project.
    Source: GitHub


    ColorPaint features:
    - Multi-Arena
    - custom Messages
    - custom GamePlay(Radom new Items)
    - colored Walls(If a Paintball hit a block, the block gets colored for a second)
    - Scoreboard
    - KillStreaks
    - AutoUpdater and UpdateChecker
    - custom Kits
    - special Items(Landmines, Airstrikes, Ultimate-Airstrikes, MachineGun, Paintball-Gun)




    1. Put the jar into your Plugins-Folder and restart your server
    2. Set the GlobalSpawn with /pb setglobalspawn
    3. Go inside your Arena and set 10Spawns with /pb setspawn <Arenaname> <0-9>
    4. Set a Sign inside your Arena, look at it and enter the Command /setquitsign <Arenaname>
    5. Set a Sign outside of the Arena, look at it and enter the Command /setjoinsign <Arenaname>
    Play Paintball!!

    German Tutorial:

    Commands & Permissions

    /pb help(Shows all Commands) - ColorPaint.Help
    /pb leave(Leaves the Arena)
    /pb stats(Shows your Stats)

    /pb ranking(Show the Lifetime TOP5)
    /pb reload(Reloads the Plugin) - ColorPaint.Admin
    /pb update(Updates the Plugin) - ColorPaint.Admin
    /pb setglobalspawn(Set the QuitSpawn) - ColorPaint.Admin
    /pb setjoinsign <Arenaname>(Set the JoinSign) - ColorPaint.Admin
    /pb setquitsign <Arenaname>(Set the QuitSign) - ColorPaint.Admin
    /pb setspawn <Arenaname> <0-9>(Set a Spawn for a specific Arena) - ColorPaint.Admin
    /pb addkit <Airstrikes> <UAirstrikes> <Landmines> <Paintballs> <Eggs> - ColorPaint.Admin

    Kit for a Player: ColorPaint.Kit.<KitName>


    - Stats with Mysql
    - More Items
    - Achivements[In Progress]
    - ArenaMode(With Countdown)
    - GlobalStats(With all Servers using ColorPaint)


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Recent Updates

  1. Optimized Code
  2. General Update
  3. Refactor-Update

Recent Reviews

  1. ApenKaas
    Version: 2.7.2
    GREAT Plugin!!! I love it it is better then a Premium one i know!! Can you add an /pb join command so that you can set it on an nc using Citizens or just for GUI's? Its a greatplugin i would recommend it!
    1. SourceWriters
      Author's Response
      Yes i will add :) Thank you for your review
  2. y0Shield
    Version: 2.6.4
    Great Plugin! Maybe add Teams? like blue and red? :) or maybe like a option for the player to choose either teams or ffa on the sign
    1. SourceWriters
      Author's Response
      This update will be the ArenaMode :D
  3. TreasureCakes
    Version: 2.6.4
    Really good paintball plugin! Also its free! I recommend this plugin! This plugin is better than the premium ones! 5 start easily from me! :)
    1. SourceWriters
  4. MrBruno
    Version: 2.6.4
    OMG this plugin have more updates in a day that some others in a weeks <3
    Thanks for making this i will put this when will be really awesome
    Try to add recently images and server to test :D
    1. SourceWriters
      Author's Response
      TestServer is in the description, more Images will come next days ;)
    Version: 1.9
    Cool! Please, add like arenas, with lobby and countdown, It can be cool, things like kits and options for the game!
    1. SourceWriters
      Author's Response
      Ok, i will look, what i can do ;)
  6. DerPlayerJonas
    Funktioniert super!!
    Daumen hoch!
    1. SourceWriters
  7. Ariuw
    Love it!! Great plugin, thanks for this! I hope this will help my server with good stuff, glad to have good people here.
    1. SourceWriters
  8. DavidML
    Version: 1.0
    Very funny plugin! Is crazy! I put in my server tomorrow :D
    INCREDIBLE, the most paintball plugin, good creator
    1. SourceWriters