COM: Warfare 2.0.2

Turn Minecraft Into Call of Duty!

  1. Release of One in the chamber

    • Released one in the chamber mode
    • Fixed a bug where player would get message that there aren't enough players even though there are
    • Added a bugreport command that leads to this github repo
    • If you are already have COD installed and have auto updates set to true then simply restart your server for the plugin to automatically update itself (You may need to restart more than once, check console)
  2. Release of Gun Game

    • Released gun game
    • Fixed duplicate messages when permission is denied
    • Changed countdown messages (before game starts)
    • Added new items to the config, should receive the updated contents when restarting your server
    • Randomized colored armor and player list names when in gun game and free for all (to give it more variety)
  3. Release of 2.0

    • Complete recode

    • Achievements

    • Create up to 5 custom classes

    • Simultaneous arena support

    • QualityArmory support

    • New gamemodes (CTF and FFA)

    • Leveling and Prestige system

    • MySQL and more gamemodes are coming soon.

    • Built to be free and competitive with @Mr_Rhetorical premium plugin
  4. Changes

    -Fixed console error for 1.14 and 1.15
  5. New killstreak

    Added a UAV killstreak and also balanced some of the other killstreaks
  6. 1.13.2 Release

    Updated COD to 1.13.2
  7. Changes

    -Games now ends when 1 player is left
    -Changed the buy menu
    -Fixed the lobby board
    -Removed level cap when making guns
  8. New Changes

    -Fixed the secondary inventory when buying guns
    -Changes some messages
    -Also fixed the care package killstreak error
  9. Critical Bug Fix

    -Critical Bug Fix with the leveling system
    -Achievements are being worked on, and will be available next update for MySQL and the local file
  10. Chat Filter + New Leveling System

    -Changed the leveling system, will be infinite and will start working on a prestige system
    -In-game COD chat will only be visible to COD players and non COD player chat will only be visible to non COD players.

    -Joke of the day: "Says the person who gets IntelliJ to spoonfeed you code." ~ Rhetorical 2k18