COM: Warfare 1.1.6

Turn Minecraft Into Call of Duty!

  1. Changes

    -Fixed console error for 1.14 and 1.15
  2. New killstreak

    Added a UAV killstreak and also balanced some of the other killstreaks
  3. 1.13.2 Release

    Updated COD to 1.13.2
  4. Changes

    -Games now ends when 1 player is left
    -Changed the buy menu
    -Fixed the lobby board
    -Removed level cap when making guns
  5. New Changes

    -Fixed the secondary inventory when buying guns
    -Changes some messages
    -Also fixed the care package killstreak error
  6. Critical Bug Fix

    -Critical Bug Fix with the leveling system
    -Achievements are being worked on, and will be available next update for MySQL and the local file
  7. Chat Filter + New Leveling System

    -Changed the leveling system, will be infinite and will start working on a prestige system
    -In-game COD chat will only be visible to COD players and non COD player chat will only be visible to non COD players.

    -Joke of the day: "Says the person who gets IntelliJ to spoonfeed you code." ~ Rhetorical 2k18

  8. Building an API

    -Currently I'm working on a nice API to provide developers with the tools to make their own addons for COM: Warfare such as killstreaks, gamemodes, etc.
    -COD: Weapons will be updated and changed to COM: Weapons

    (Running COM: Warfare 1.0.4 or greater? You don't need to download this as the updater will do it for you)
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  9. New Killstreak

    -Added a new killstreak (Care package) which will drop either napalm or dogs, more drops will be added as I make more killstreaks. It is available when acquiring a killstreak of 3 kills.

    Note: Is something OP or unfair? Join the discord to help me balance out the plugin
  10. Critical Bug Fixes + New Gamemode

    -Fixed a critical bug with multiple arenas
    -Added infected to the lineup of gamemodes

    (People running v1.0.4+ will not have to download this as the updater will automatically update it for you, unless you have it disabled)