Combat Mechanics 1.0.1


  1. TheCerealKill3r
    TheCerealKill3r, anyone who downloads! :D
    Downloading this plugin means that you will be adding the following mechanics to your server -
    Chance to break bones upon falling - 33%
    Chance to parry your sword - 4%
    Chance to land critical hits on your enemy - 10%
    Chance to block your opponents strike successfully - 25%

    What do these mechanics do?
    Sword Parry
    Everytime you hit a player, you have a 4% chance to deal a tremendous amount of knockback to them. Also, parrying is only effective with an iron or diamond sword.

    Critical Hit - Everytime you hit a player, you have a 10% chance to deal an extra heart of damage (regardless of armour), as well as giving them the slowness effect.

    Successful Blocking - Whenever you block and someone hits you while you're blocking, you have a 25% chance to give them mining fatigue 1 for 5 seconds, and take 30 durability from their sword. You can tell when the blocking mechanic has worked, due to the sound of an item breaking (ITEM_BREAK), and the message in chat.

    Breaking bones - Everytime you fall, there is a 33% chance to break a bone. When this happens, you are afflicted with blindness and the slowness effect for a short period of time. Given a certain permission, the fall damage event is cancelled and you take no damage, by chance of course.

    /gcm - The main command, this is how it looks.

    - You cannot break your legs, and everytime you fall there is a 66% chance to roll and not take fall damage.
    gcm.swordsman - Your chance to get criticals would double, and you deal an extra 1/2 heart from criticals.
    gcm.parry - Your chance to parry someone jumps from 4% to 12%.
    gcm.defender - Your chance to (successfully) block goes from 25% to 50%, and the person who was blocked get an extra second of mining fatigue.

    Coming in a future release (v1.1) -
    Ability to toggle a mechanic on/off through configuration
    - Adding more mechanics
    - Possible addition of particles. (DONE v1.0.1)
    - Possible bug fixes if any bugs are found?


    If you have any bugs, please don't leave it in a review, just PM me. :)
    Please don't redistribute this plugin.
    I figured since no one wanted to buy the plugin, I might as well make it free. :)
    Premium edition coming soon. ;)
    Thank you,