Combat Revamp 2.1.0

Making your world harder and also exciting

  1. Peepersoak
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    Tired of those simple combat mechanics of Minecraft? Do you want to have some sort of achievements when going on an Adventure? You want to have more things to do but still want to have that vanilla survival feeling? Then this plugin is for you!!

    Combat Revamp is a plugin that makes your world a lot more exciting!! and hard :)

    First and foremost like every other plugin, this one also have a leveled Mob system, where the more you go away to your spawn the higher their level will be, therefore a lot more stronger and sturdier. There's also a low chance of spawning a boss mob in the area.

    This mobs will also have a random effects to them, can be configured on the Config File.

    To survive to this, you will also have "unlimited" level of enchantment, and a couple of custom one. Each mob will have a chance to drop a Enchant Scripture, Forbidden Scripture, Forgotten Scripture and Scrolls. You need 3 paper in order to craft the book version, to add it to your Armors/Swords.

    Enchant Scripture:
    This scripture is the normal vanilla enchantments, the level of the enchantment will depend on the level of the mob, say you killed a level 15 mob, then there will be a chance that this mob will drop a Sharpness 15. Therefore, killing a level 100 mob will also drop a Sharpness 100 and so on..

    Level 10 and below will drop a random enchantment level with a minimum of the max level of the enchantment + 1. Say you killed a level 7 mob, instead of a Sharpness 7, it will drop an enchant level between 6 to 16, since sharpness has a maximum of 5 then add 1.

    Forbidden Scripture:
    This scripture are the custom enchantments I made.

    • Speed: can be enchanted only once, will increase your walking speed by at least 400%. Can only be applied to Boots.
    • Health Boost: can be enchanted multiple times, each level will add an additional of 10 hearts. I made this since higher mob level will have a lot more health and to survive this you will also need more health. For chestplate only
    • Critical: Can be enchanted multiple times, random chance and each level will deal 5x more damage. Sword only
    • Life Steal: Also a random chance and when triggered, you will regain your hearts depending on the Damage and the level of the enchantment, can also be enchanted multiple times. Sword ony
    • Head Shot: Can be enchanted multiple times, also random chance, but when triggered and your level is a higher than the mob, it will instantly kill it, else it will deal 3x more damage each enchant level. For bows.
    • Last Resort: Similar to totem of Undying, can only be enchanted once. Helmet only
    • Rejuvination: After sleeping, you will gain a regeneration buff. can only be enchanted once. Chestplate only

    This random chance is only 15% and each level it will add an additional 1%, capping it at 50%, therefore a level 70 Critical will still have a 50% chance of happening.

    Forgotten Scripture:
    This are the custom skills I made.

    • Lightning Strike: It will summon a lighting hitting the mob, similar to tridents channeling, can be enchanted multiple times, increase their damage. A random chance. For Bow.
    • Explosion: make your target explode. can be enchanted multiple times, increasing their damage, also a random chance. For Bow
    • Arise: Spawn an Iron Golem to help you at your need for 60 seconds, can be enchanted multiple times, each level will add 1 more Golem, this can only be triggered only one at a time, A random chance. For Helmet.
    • Gravity: Can only be enchanted once, also a random chance, if triggered, all Mobs around the target will converge and float for 5 seconds. For bow.

    Each of them have different random chances. Level won't increase those chances unlike the other one.

    Finally to make things more exciting with your friends, I added some custom Scrolls. This scrolls are one time use only

    • Teleport Scroll: A basic teleport command that will teleport your self to your last bed spawn location or World spawn if the bed was destroyed.
    • Accompany Scroll: This will teleport you and all players in a 5 block radius to a specific player you've chosen.
    • Magnetic Force Scroll: This will teleport yourself to the location of a specific player you've choses.
    • Angel's Breath Scroll: After using, all player in a 20 block radius around you will get healed fully.
    • All For One Scroll: You will get almost all positive potion effects for 60 seconds.
    • One For All Scroll: All players in a 20 block radius around you will get 1 random potion effect for 60 seconds.
    • Steal Scroll: Steal 1 random item on all players in a 10 block radius around you.
    • Clairevoyance Scroll: Let you see the inventory of a specific player.

    Here are the drop chances.

    Only level 5 mob and above will drop something.

    Scrolls: 5%, on all 5 level and Above mob

    Level 5 - 30 will only drop Enchant Scripture
    Enchant Scripture: 10%

    Level 31 - 49 will drop Enchant Scripture and Forbidden Scripture
    Enchant Scripture: 90%
    Forbidden Scripture: 10%

    Level 50 and above will drop Enchant, Forbidden and Forgotten Scripture
    Enchant Scripture: 85%
    Forbidden Scripture: 10%
    Forgotten Scripture: 5%

    Currently you can't change this chances using the config files, will do it in the future updates.

    • New shrines or ruins that you can visit to get those lovely enchantments and skills!
    • Maybe new scrolls, skills and enchantment?

    This is still in version 0.0.5 so please expect bugs and glitches, though I already tried fixing most of them, but currently I don't have a server to test this on a multiple player doing different things, therefore please be careful.

    Also I'm not sure if this is compatible with other plugin that deals with the same type of gameplay. ie level system or custom enchantments and skills. Also never added the permission or world Guard, since I just created this for me and my friends if we played in the future and we never use those plugins, I might add them in the future, lets see :)

    I expect that this will give some bugs and glitches, therefore please instead of giving low rating because of those bugs, kindly go to my Discord and post it there so I can address and possibly fix those issues.

    If you are interested, please check my other plugins as well!
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  1. Hyprst
    Version: 2.1.0
    The plugin is good, we like the fact the mobs get harder further away, BUT, the scriptures don't craft into books! so we are stuck fighting really strong mobs, with weak weapons. We have managed to get around this issue by using other weapon plugins, but we rally want the enchants here!
  2. StalkerArea51
    Version: 2.0.0
    nothing happened when i applie the custom scripture book to any weapon adn armor.. it took the books but nothing happened and iterms not enchented?? anything wrong??
  3. xMaikiYT
    Version: 1.1.0
    Thanks for this plugin, I am using this plugin on my survival server and now is more fun to play!