Combat Tag 6.4.0

Combat Tag for 1.8

  1. Techcable
    This plugin is unsupported!!! Use CombatTagPlus instead.
    Combat Tag

    The essential PvP plugin that prevents hit-n-quit players. No longer will the fun of killing other players be ruined!

    Combat tag is a plugin that can prevent your players from pvp logging, period. Reason why we developed this: When your players are in the heat of battle, sometimes someone gets cold feet, and logs out while in combat! This means that the player can no longer be harmed, because they are offline. This can be EXTREMELY irritating to other players, because the person they were attacking, is now safe and keeps all of their items.

    • Tracks players in combat
    • Custom tag time
    • Supports disabling in specified worlds
    • Supports disabling commands while in combat
    • Use /ct or /combattag to keep track of how long until combat is over
    • Spawns an npc or kills the player if they log out in combat
    How it works:
    Combat tag makes it impossible to pvp log! When a player is struck by another player, combat tag logs it in its log. If one of the players logs off within 10 seconds (time can be changed) of being struck, combat tag comes to play. Combat tag makes it so that if the player logs off within the ten second field, he spawns an NPC with the same inventory/health as him. The player that was attacking then can attack the NPC, and the same is done to the logged off player. If the player kills the NPC, the player that logged off in combat is also killed, and drops everything in their inventory. If the player causes damage to the NPC, the player that is logged off also takes the damage (including armor).


    All "ct" can be replaced with "combattag"

    • /ct -- Check your remaining tag time
    • /ct reload -- Reload Combat Tag's configuration file
    • /ct wipe -- Wipes all npcs on the map
    • /ct command add / -- Adds command to blocked commands list
    • /ct command remove / -- Removes command from blocked commands list
    Note: Ops automatically get permissions

    • combattag.ignore -- Player does not get tagged and doesn't spawn npcs
    • combattag.ignore.pvplog -- Player does get tagged, but doesn't spawn npcs
    • combattag.reload -- Allow player to reload the Combat Tag configuration file
    • combattag.wipe -- Allow player to wipe all npcs on the map
    • combattag.command -- Allow player to modify disabled commands from in game
    • combattag.alert -- Alert people with this permission of a person logging out while in pvp

    An Explanation of the config file options is avaliable here

    Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


    Source Code

    I am an official author of combat tag reloaded and this 1.8 version is also available on the original bukkit-dev page.
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Recent Reviews

  1. AngryKiller
  2. DavidxRussell
    Version: 6.4.0
    Wouldn't even run on 1.8.7. When are you going to update? I need this plugin. Please update!!!!!!!!!
  3. samosnik
    Version: 6.4.0
    Used this for about 2 years. Always worked great! When will it be updated to 1.8.8? If it does so it is a 5 star!
    1. Techcable
  4. MTC
    Version: 6.4.0
    Great plugin, works on 1.8.8 with dev builds, but we can't translate all messages/tags.. 5/5 when we will be able to do it ! :)
  5. LkMMoDC
    Version: 6.4.0
    Great plugin, been using it for over 3 years now. Worth a 5 star rating IF it worked with spigot 1.8.8. I wouldn't be as peeved if it was not a premium plugin but the fact that money is charged for something that is not kept up to date is a tad unacceptable.
    1. Techcable
      Author's Response
      It isn't a premium plugin.
      Also, please report an issue if you still have issues on the latest development version.
  6. CakeArmy
    Version: 6.4.0
    Doesn't work. Tried the bukkit version, tried spigot version. All of it won't work. Im running the latest CraftBukkit
  7. val59000
    Version: 6.4.0
    Doesn't work for 1.8.7
    1. Techcable
      Author's Response
      Have you tried the latest CombatTag 7.0.0 development build?
      Also please file an issue on the issue tracker instead of giving a bad review.
  8. iHasTechno
    Version: 6.4.0
    Configuration issues, regardless of setting people can't build while in PVP. Otherwise, great features.
  9. alexlab
    Version: 6.4.0
    Awesome Plugin, No problems detected, Bunch of great features :)
    Could you add an option to edit the prefix too please? (&c[Combat-Tag)
  10. Patryk
    Version: 6.4.0
    Awesome,thank you.