Combat Teams [SKRIPT] 0.1.6

Teams For PvP

  1. it_twit
    Combat Teams Is A Script That Allows Players To Create Combat Teams. Within These Teams They Can Ally Other Teams And Chat To People In Their Team Privately.

    To Install Download Skript And Skquery And Put Them In Your Plugins Folder. Then Place The .sk File Into /plugins/Skript/scripts And Type /sk reload scripts. This Should Work - Any Problems Or Suggestions Comment Below.

    Planned Features
    Permissions - Done
    No Friendly Fire

    To Use
    /ct Is The Main Command
    /ct create <name> Creates A Combat Team With The Specified Name
    /ct invite <player> Invites Player To Your Clan. (Combat Team Leaders Only)
    /ct join <name> Joins Specified Team - Can Only Use If Your Invited To That Combat Team
    /ct leave Leaves Your Current Combat Team. (If Your The Owner Then Disbands The Team)
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  1. V0.1.6

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  1. Pluginsel
    Version: 0.1.6
    Good plugin! Please add /ct tpa <team player>, /ct tpaccept, /ct tpyes and /ct tpahere <player> command! Thanks!