Combat Weaponry Plus [1.16.1 - 1.16.3] 1.1.4

Adds new weapons while attempting to keep the vanilla Minecraft feeling

  1. Bug Fixes

    - Fixed error message that shows up when entities take fall damage

    Sorry I couldn't fix this earlier, I was busy with school work.
  2. Bug Fixes

    - Fixed error message that shows up when being attacked by entities or attacking entities

    I'm not entirely sure this is completely fixed, I tested it and it works fine for me, but if any errors still happen let me know.
  3. Weapon Changes

    - The sword bows now have reduced damage
  4. Textures Fix

    - Fixed problems with some textures
  5. New Features and Bug Fixes

    - Added a new tier of tools/armor above netherite, so there is more stuff to do in the endgame.
    - The crafting recipes for them don't appear in the game's recipe book, so you will need to craft instructions on how to make them.
    - The instructions are crafted using paper and lapis, and the recipes are found the the game's recipe book.

    - Fixed bug where iron weapons throw enderpearls

    - Weapon balancing changes

    You can find the crafting instructions here: