Combat Weaponry Plus [1.16.x] 1.4.7

Adds new weapons while attempting to keep the vanilla Minecraft feeling

  1. helleo
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin has not been thoroughly tested in 1.16.5, but I am mostly sure that it still works.

    This plugin adds many new weapons with custom textures.
    Each weapon has their own recipe which can be found in the game's recipe book.
    If the recipes don't appear, that can be fixed my just leaving and rejoining the server.

    The crafting recipes are found here:

    To see the textures:

    Click yes to see the custom textures. If your server already has a resource pack, this might not work.

    If that pop up doesn't appear, make sure you have server resource packs enabled.

    About the textures:

    These custom textures are made possible using custom model data. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to change the texture/model of armor using custom model data, but if you use optifine, you will be able to see the armor textures.

    If you want to download the resource pack, here is the download link:



    Weapon Details:

    For reference, the attack speed of a regular minecraft sword is 1.6.
    Additionally, each weapon has a special bonus.

    - Attack speed: 3
    -100% more damage to players without a chestplate
    -Getting 3 consecutive hits gives strength I

    - Attack speed: 1.9
    -5% more damage to armored players(+5% for each armor piece they have equipped)
    -Disables shields for 2 seconds

    - Attack speed: 1.7
    -50% more damage if there is no item in your offhand
    -Slightly increases movement speed
    -20% chance for a hit to do 10% more damage when there is no item in your offhand

    - Attack speed: 1
    -50% more damage if there is no item in your offhand
    -50% more damage to players without a chestplate

    - Attack speed: 1.2
    -50% more damage if there is no item in your offhand

    - Attack speed: 2.5
    -5% more damage to armored players(+5% for each armor piece they have equipped)
    -Disables shields for 1 second
    -50% more damage if there is no item in your offhand

    Also included are:
    - Plated chainmail armor (Iron armor with diamond stats)
    - Chainmail armor crafting recipes
    - Charms (gives stat buffs when held in offhand)
    - New sword and pickaxe
    - New bows

    ITEMS MISC.png

    Again, you will be able to find the crafting recipes in your recipe book.

    Additionally, you can leave a suggestion for things you would like changed or added.

    Join the discord server:

    UPDATE v1.1:

    - Added a new tier of tools/armor above netherite, so there is more stuff to do in the endgame.
    - The crafting recipes for them don't appear in the game's recipe book, so you will need to craft instructions on how to make them.
    - The instructions are crafted using paper and lapis, and the recipes are found the the game's recipe book.
    -THIS HAS BEEN CHANGED IN A LATER UPDATE, ignore what I wrote above and go read the updates

    - Fixed bug where iron weapons throw enderpearls

    - Weapon balancing changes

    UPDATE v1.2.4:

    Config file added

    UPDATE v1.3.5:
    go read the updates from now on because the website doesn't let me add anymore pictures here

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Recent Reviews

  1. NitroMHGaming
    Version: 1.4.7
    Good plugin with nice weapons but has an inactive dev. Also some balancing issues with the weapons.
  2. JullianDelphiki
    Version: 1.4.7
    Found this through the MoreArmor plugin reviews. Although it is not listed on this plugin page currently, it is working well in 1.18.1. The models are very cool. My only suggestion would be changing the reach of each weapon type since the spear is slower/weaker but would be useful if it could reach further than swords.
  3. uwuno
    Version: 1.4.7
    I love this plugin so much, I use it on my server and there is always something new to see once you download it. all the new weapon and armor and things you can do, My Favorite part has to be a small part of the plugin which adds a new called the "Vessel", such a cool idea and I couldn't of thought of it myself if I tried
  4. UnderMatick
    Version: 1.4.7
    Could you add a way to customize the durability and stats of the prismarine armor ?, because apparently it has less durability than that of netherite and it seems to me that that does not make sense
  5. BlaulicheVort
    Version: 1.4.7
    Hey, is there any way you could add commands, so I can /give myself the plugin weapons? Thank you!
  6. NonamePlayerzzx
    Version: 1.4.7
    Hello, I have a problem where the instructions don't show in the crafting book. I search for craft and instructions and it still doesn't show me the recipe to make it. please help
  7. Building_Quote
    Version: 1.4.7
    I really love it and so does my server! I just hope you can add more like end gears with end armor. My server really loves all your work, keep it up!
  8. VenomTR
    Version: 1.4.7
    Issues with 1.16.5, support does NOT exist. Discord server is just spammed with people scamming/posting invite links. See the dev come online multiple times, ignores the spam and replies to no one.
  9. Kythe
    Version: 1.4.7
    Its a very good plugin!! alot of fun the only problem is that it still needs to be updated to 1.17
  10. SPiNEBReaKER
    Version: 1.4.7
    Its a good plugin of Spartan Weaponary mod port to Plugin. And Saber will have something like Chest Damage Bonus, Damage Absorption & Sweep I (From Spartan Weaponary mod)